March 24, 2022

🏝️ Would you live on Bitcoin Island?

GM, this is the Milk Road. Your secret weapon to doing better in crypto.

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I’m going to start including the Fear & Greed Index in the newsletter, to show you where the market sentiment is. We’re currently in “Fear” mode, with BTC sitting at $43.8K and ETH $3.1K. If you missed the edition where I explained this index, you can read it here.

What do you need to know about?

  • 🏝️ A new crypto rich island

  • 🦹‍♂️ Zuck's new trademarks

  • 📈 Wild crypto returns

  • 💸 Wanna make some money?


Check this out – a group of people bought a 1.1 square mile private island for crypto enthusiasts.

50,000 people applied to live there, why?

  • No capital gains tax, no withholding tax, no death tax

  • Live on a tropical island

  • Live around like-minded people

So – where is it? A place called Vanuatu. (great island, never met’em)

Here’s where it is on a map:

They got the idea back in the 2017 crypto bull run, and finally got approval from the local government to start building.

  • ✅ Buy Island

  • ✅ Get Permits to Build

  • ✅ 50,000 visa applications (via NFT)

Check out the island:

Every home is going to be an NFT (tradeable digital asset linked to your property).

Honestly, this would be pretty cool if it existed. No idea if the team is legit or not – but I hope it happens.


Wanna know what big companies are planning? Look at their trademark filings.

Facebook (aka “Meta”) just filed for 8 crypto related trademarks:

I don’t think companies like Facebook have the DNA & user trust to win in crypto, but gotta respect them for trying.

They aren’t alone – Nike filed a patent for shoes in the Metaverse in 2019…and then 2 years later bought the NFT shoe startup RTFKT for $100M.

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Mining cryptocurrency is lucrative.

How lucrative? Bitcoin miners generated over $15b in 2021.

But there’s only one problem, it’s expensive as hell.

So, naturally, hackers are starting to attack. Cryptojacking is the fastest growing “hack” in the space.

And here at the Milk Road, we believe knowledge is power. If you see the bad guy on the camera, you know to call the police.

What exactly is cryptojacking? It’s when a hacker takes over your device (eg. your computer) to mine crypto, without you knowing. They keep the profits from mining, and you get a mysteriously slow computer all of a sudden.

How does this happen? There are two main ways hackers cryptojack:

1 File based – sending you a malicious file that loads cryptomining code on your device

2/ Browser based – infecting a site or online ad with javascript code that auto-executes once loaded on your browser

So, what should you do? Go get yourself some antivirus software, avoid downloading random files on websites you don’t know… or just unplug your computer. Throw it into a lake. Never leave your house again.


Let me quickly recap what Gary Vee pulled off here:

1/ Creates an NFT project called VeeFriends (these goofy squiggly drawings he did himself)

2/ Sold 10k+ NFTs initially for $20m of profit (the hook was that the nft gets you access to his conference & surprise drops)

3/ Over the past year, the floor NFT price went from ~$2,000 to $45,000 and Gary made an additional $13m in royalties on those sales.

OK so now it’s conference time. He lined up big speakers (Mila Kunis, Kevin Smith, Snoop Dogg etc.)

And then airdropped a conference ticket to all the NFT holders. They can either use it to attend or sell it.

Best part is, because it’s an NFT, he gets a cut of all the secondary sales too. In just 24 hours, the tickets have been resold 275 times and generated another $125k in profit.

That’s a grand total of 33 Million Whopping Dollars. Oh and by the way, I met Gary, and he couldn’t have been a nicer dude. Usually people like him who are well-known tend to be a little stand offish or give off “too good to be here” vibes, but not him.

Everyone always talks about NFTs as tickets and this is one of the first examples we’ve seen of that actually being the case….who knows, maybe we’ll even buy one


Multicoin is a crypto VC fund. Their returns are insane (mostly because of Solana)

Check out the table:

Source: The Generalist

I don’t like to do math in public, but that means that for every $10,000 they put in, they got back $13M. Holy shit.

Milk Road Fund…


We are launching our TikTok account this week. I considered making the videos myself, but I’m pretty busy doing crypto research (and as they say, I’ve got a face for newsletters)

So here’s your shot!

We’re hiring someone to make TikToks for our account. Nothing fancy, just take the vibe of the newsletter (your smart friend, giving you the down low on the latest crypto trends) and turn that into a tiktok.

How to do it? Record a TikTok based on today’s edition of the Milk Road. You can take 1 story, or multiple stories, and just make it fun/entertaining to watch. (Here's a TikTok for inspo)

After you record, send us the link on Twitter

The top 3 get $50 (paid via crypto, ofc) and get the opportunity to turn this into an ongoing side hustle!

Alright, that's all for today!

Shaan "Chocolate Milk" Puri and Ben "2% Milk" Levy

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