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January 17, 2022

What do NFTs and Tom Brady have in common? 🏈

What do NFTs and Tom Brady have in common? They're both making a super bowl appearance….(although Tom Brady's might just be in an FTX commercial 🤣) In Today’s Email: FTX raises a $2B Venture FundNouns Super Bowl CommercialGemini goes after the wealth manager marketFTX Raises a $2B FundHere’s 3 reasons I find this interesting: This …...

January 14, 2022

What Joe Rogan Thinks of Axie Infinity

In Today’s Email: Is Defi Kingdoms the future of finance? The Fan Controlled Football League goes full web3 Axie Infinity Makes a Guest Appearance on Joe Rogan The Crown $JEWEL of Defi First, we had pay-to-play games: we bought NBA 2K every year for $60. Then we had free-to-play games like Fortnite. Then we had …...

January 13, 2022

The Crypto Billionaire Who Just Passed The Wal-Mart Kids

In Today’s Email:  Friends With Benefits launches a music festival The crypto dude worth ~$100B ! Friends With Benefits Festival For a couple years, I had a membership to The Battery in San Francisco.  It was great. It’s a private members club. Like SoHo House in NYC.  In one night at the Battery, I saw …...

January 12, 2022

What Citadel’s Paradigm Investment Means

In Today’s Email: Citadel moving into crypto? Argentina inflation hits 52% Coinbase Offers Employees 4 ‘Recharge Weeks’ Citadel Raises $1B+ From Paradigm and Sequoia Citadel is a market maker – essentially a used car salesman for the market. They buy an asset and hold it (ideally for as short as possible) until they can find …...

January 11, 2022

OpenSea Gets Attacked

Shaan still has covid, so I’m flying solo on the email today (Ben) In Today’s Email: A “Vampire Attack” on Opensea Vote On My Deep Dive Startups That Caught My Eye OpenSea Vampire Attack OpenSea is the big dog when it comes to NFT trading (just valued at $13B), and that’s bringing on competition. In …...

January 10, 2022

The Case Against Web3

Shaan’s got covid (ouch.) – so I’ll be taking over the email this week (Ben). Reply to let me know what you think! In Today’s Email: The case against Web3 What happens to your crypto when you die The Australian Open's NFT Why Web3 Won't Work “Moxie”, the founder of Signal (the privacy focused Whatsapp) …...

January 7, 2022

The Road To $10M

In Today’s Email: The Road to $10M Nas’s First NFT Launch Twitter Gems 💎 Turning $1M -> $10M I gave myself a challenge, to turn $1M into $10M this year in crypto. It’s not about the money, it’s about the learning and friends we make along the way. (Ok, it’s about the money) A couple …...

January 6, 2022

WTF Happened To Crypto Prices Yesterday?!

In Today’s Email:  Why Crypto Prices Crashed Opensea Is now worth $13.3B Airbnb’s most requested feature is crypto payments P.S. welcome to all the first time readers. Reply to this email to let me know if you love it, or hate it.  WTF Happened in the Markets Yesterday?! ETH is down 11%, Bitcoin is down …...

January 5, 2022

Mr. Wonderful is now Mr. Crypto

In Today’s Email: A new DAO Raises $10M Toward Buying a Golf Course Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Backed Company Buys a Canadian Exchange Coinbase CEO just got a $133m house! A DAO Raises $10m to Buy A Golf Course Here’s one major use case of DAOs today: strangers pooling money together to buy crazy shit. …...

January 4, 2022

Gary Vee’s New NFT Restaurant 🎣

In Today's Email: Polymarket pays a $1.4M legal settlement Gary Vee unveils his NFT restaurant plans Polymarket Fined  Polymarket is a website that lets you bet on anything, from sports to “will Chris Cuomo launch a substack by January 10th (98% of people are betting “No”, sorry Chris). And yesterday, they settled for $1.4m with …...

January 3, 2022

Vitalik’s Predictions 🔮

In Today's Email: Bored Apes are Pumping Vitalik Updates His Predictions The Airbnb Founder Trolls Web3 Bored Apes Are Pumping 📈 NFTs overall are off to a scorching hot start in 2022 ($400m+ in volume already 🤑) And Bored Apes are the biggest winner:  They are onboarding celebs like crazy (Dave Chapelle & Eminem both bought …...

December 31, 2021

Why Mr. Beast Bought 8 Cryptopunks!

ETH: $3,659 ( -1.88% ) | This Year: +395% | This Month: -20.7% |  Wallets Are Exploding Metamask solves two of the most annoying things on the web:  1) Log in to any website (without making up usernames, passwords, or entering in your date of birth)  2) Pay for stuff (without entering a credit card)  …...