March 31, 2023

An App Store For Your AI? Yes, Please!

GM DOers!

Get ready to do 0️⃣ work! 😜

ChatGPT has already been turning many industries upside down by automating jobs once thought irreplaceable.

And now, OpenAI’s latest release – Plugins – is about to take things to a whole new level! 🤯

Think of Plugins as an App Store for ChatGPT to connect to the internet and various 3rd party applications natively.

OpenAI is rolling it out to a select group of developers and premium ChatGPT Plus subscribers first, with larger-scale access coming later. We’ll go over the most exciting plugins in a bit 😉

The most intriguing plugin?

👉 OpenAI's first-party web-browsing!

Now, ChatGPT can access data from around the web to answer your questions, no longer limited to knowledge from before September 2021. 🤓

And it'll cite its sources, too! 📚

But, with great power comes great responsibility.

Web access for chatbots has its risks – just ask Meta's BlenderBot 3.0, which went off the rails, spouting conspiracy theories and offensive content. That’s why we need to be vigilant and careful, and we’ll discuss how later in this article 😬

The live web is less curated and filtered than static training datasets. 🌪️ Search engines like Google and Bing try to keep things safe, but bad actors can game the system.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see ChatGPT finally getting plugged into the internet and the various apps we use personally and for work.

Think about it. For the first time in history, a highly advanced conversational AI that can read, learn and build will be connected to the world wide web, and everyone will be able to use it.

What are the use cases and risks, and how will ChatGPT affect individuals and businesses? Let’s find out! 👇

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The Power of ChatGPT's Plugins

The era of manual data entry in ChatGPT is over (though it only lasted a few months)!

If you've been using ChatGPT for work, you're probably all too familiar with the limitations and frustrations of manually feeding external information into the chat.

(By the way, we’re curious if you, dear reader, are using ChatGPT or other tools in your day-to-day work already? Reply to this email with “Yes” or “No” 😉 Thanks!)

The tedious process of copy-pasting and dealing with character limitations can feel like a throwback to the early days of computing when data entry meant laboriously inputting information using punch cards. 📇

But fear not! Plugins are here to make our lives easier. With the release of ChatGPT Plugins, we're stepping out of this limbo and into an era where AI can access a wealth of resources and applications, and can parse through relevant information in company databases, and more.

This will enable ChatGPT to provide highly educated analysis, offer suggestions, and execute various repetitive (and even more creative!) tasks, all without the need for manual data entry or even active oversight! 🎉

By connecting ChatGPT to various resources and platforms, users can extend its functionality beyond just conversation. Conversation -> Execution! How?

Take Zapier for example.

Ask ChatGPT to write and schedule a tweet through the Zapier plugin, all without leaving the dashboard.

Or have it read and update a spreadsheet, write an email, find contacts in a CRM database, or any number of tasks available for the 5000+ apps connected through Zapier. Incredible!

With a rapidly growing list of plugins (there seem to be 80 already), integrating ChatGPT into your daily workflow will become a breeze 🚀

As more plugins are created, ChatGPT will only become more useful and versatile. Very soon, we will see some that enable ChatGPT to interact with IoT devices (Internet of Things), manage finances, become personal assistants for individuals and companies, or even assist in scientific research.

The possibilities are endless! 🌟

However, as we integrate ChatGPT into more aspects of our lives, it's crucial to understand the potential risks and challenges this technology brings.

In the next section, we'll delve into the privacy and data security concerns that arise when dealing with powerful AI like ChatGPT. 🔐

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Privacy and Data Security Concerns 🛡️

Embracing ChatGPT Plugins comes with privacy and data security concerns that need addressing.

To create a secure and responsible AI ecosystem, we must tackle various challenges, such as preventing data leakage, adhering to data protection regulations, and mitigating risks of bias and misinformation.

Additionally, securing third-party plugins through best practices and thorough security reviews will be crucial.

Collaboration between developers, users, and regulatory bodies is required to navigate these challenges, as AI tools and capabilities are accelerating at a rapid pace.

Building a secure and ethical AI ecosystem will allow us to harness the power of ChatGPT Plugins while minimizing risks, but we have to act fast.

Some, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, are very concerned about the rate of development of AI.

Together with 1000s of other notable figures in the science, technology, and philosophy space, they have signed a petition urging for a temporary pause on training systems exceeding GPT-4 (the current ChatGPT model).

Whether you agree with their sentiment or not, it seems like it’s going to be an uphill battle for anyone wanting to halt the developments in this field.

And while the Plugins have not been officially released yet for the public, the internet has been able to piece some things together, giving us a glimpse of what will be possible immediately out of the box.

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Exciting Use Cases for ChatGPT Plugins 🌟

All hail the Plugins!

The introduction of ChatGPT Plugins is set to bring about significant changes to numerous industries and enhance the lives of individuals as well.

From automating customer support and streamlining project management processes to providing personalized learning experiences and fostering creativity, the potential applications are vast and far-reaching.

A range of available plugins, such as Klarna Shopping, Instacart, Zapier, and OpenTable, already showcase how different sectors can reap the benefits of ChatGPT Plugins. Here are just some of the ways Plugins will turbo-boost our lives:

  • ✍️ Content Creation: Plugins could help with researching, drafting, editing, and scheduling content, making the process more efficient for writers, marketers, and social media managers.

  • 💁‍♀️ Customer Support: ChatGPT can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, providing AI-powered support to address customer inquiries and issues quickly and accurately

  • 🛫 Travel planning: let ChatGPT take care of planning your trip by booking flights, hotels and dinner reservations automatically

  • 🥗 Meal planning: ChatGPT can plan your meals and order the ingredients using Instacart

  • 🇫🇷 Language learning: Learn how to say anything in another language with the help of your Al-powered language tutor.

  • 🩺 Healthcare: By connecting to medical databases, ChatGPT could assist medical professionals with diagnostics, treatment options, and patient education.

Additionally, individuals can harness ChatGPT for daily tasks, financial management, and budgeting. Parents can use the Milo plugin, an AI co-pilot that helps organize family activities, helps with planning, and offers reminders and suggestions, easing the chaos of parenthood.

As AI tools like ChatGPT Plugins gain traction, it's also important to consider how the nature of companies might change.

With their help, a single employee will be able to do the work of three. Whole legions of workers will find much of their work completely automated or taken over by another employee equipped with AI.

Now, a single employee will be able to do the job of a graphic designer, a copyrighter, and an account manager 🤯

Furthermore, businesses built on top of these AI tools may find themselves in a fragile position, as they could quickly be rendered irrelevant with the release of new AI features or improvements.

Software was eating the world. Now, AI is eating software.

Nevertheless, all of this is a good thing, even if it might not always be so evident. AI tools are putting the proverbial fire under our ass and is forcing us to focus on the important things, instead of getting bogged down by busywork.

AI is here to stay.

So let’s embrace this new technological phase of our civilization, stay informed, and invest time in mastering these powerful tools, as they will make our lives 100x easier.

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