July 12, 2024

🥛 Battle of the blockchains: Stablecoin supremacy 🪖

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Here’s what we got for you today:



Yesterday, we milked some macro about the US economy cooling down. 

But today? It's a flipped script and all about the onchain economy heating up, with a look at stablecoin inflows skyrocketing. 🔥

Welcome to the stablecoin stampede, where blockchains are in a mad dash to grab as many digital dollars as they can

Let’s see who’s in the race! 🏇💸


Base has been a stablecoin champ for a while, thanks to some heavyweight partners:

  • Stripe: By teaming up with Stripe for USDC payments, Base makes everyday transactions smoother than a fresh jar of Jif, fueling stablecoin demand.

  • Coinbase: The mastermind behind Base owns 25% of Circle (the issuer of USDC). This power play with USDC is driving a flood of users to the platform.

This dynamic duo has kept Base rock solid… but guess what?

There’s another contender in town.


Solana just flipped Base in terms of total stablecoin supply, now boasting over $3.3B compared to Base’s $3B. 

How did Solana pull off this leapfrog?

  • PayPal’s PYUSD: This stablecoin’s market cap shot up nearly 100% this month to $535M, with most of this growth happening on Solana. 

  • USDC inflows: Solana saw a tsunami of USDC this week, with its circulating supply jumping by $294M – that’s a 14% increase from last week.

But wait, there's an even bigger player in the game…


Arbitrum is rocking a hefty $4B in stablecoin supply, making it the undisputed L2 champ in this game. 🏆

But how does Arbitrum measure up to the big boys?

Now we’re talking! Compared to the titans Ethereum and Tron, the rest are like kids playing dress-up.


This stablecoin-focused chain is crushing it in the game, look at these impressive stats:

  • All-time high supply: Tron's stablecoin supply has hit an all-time high of $60 billion (see previous chart).

  • Active addresses: Tron has the highest number of active addresses, primarily for stablecoin usage. It’s the top dog for peer-to-peer transfers (wallet-to-wallet stablecoin transfers in USD).

  • USDT dominance: The #1 application on Tron is USDT. No memecoins, no speculation… 


Ethereum reigns supreme with the most stablecoins thanks to its recognition as the censorship-resistant, decentralized settlement layer. 

With their proven track record it’s no wonder it controls over 60% of all TVL across chains. 

Ethereum = the heavyweight champ of crypto liquidity! 👑

🥛The Milk Road take: Stablecoins have emerged as one of the few real use cases of crypto. 

This is why it makes sense for blockchains to scoop up as many stablecoins as possible, showing traction and adoption. 🧾

Ultimately, we believe that the blockchain that gets the most stablecoins and creates the best user experience will win. 👀

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He spills the beans on why dropping interest rates might turbocharge crypto and how stablecoins are snagging the top spot in this new game.

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Welcome back to Funding Friday! This week, $126.8M was raised by crypto companies. 

Here's the scoop on who secured the bag:

1/ Partior raises $60M

What they do: Partior’s decentralized platform supports commercial deposit issuance and wholesale settlement processing, promising a 24/7 global liquidity marketplace.

Who led the round: Valor

With Partior's unified ledger, liquidity fragmentation is about as welcome as a lactose-intolerant milkman. 🥛

2/ Rome Protocol raises $9M

What they do: Rome Protocol is an infrastructure project within the Solana Ecosystem, focused on enhancing the network's efficiency and scalability.

Who led the round: Hack VC

All roads lead to Rome, especially when there's $9M paving the way. 🛤️

3/ Aidatify raises $8.3M

What they do: Aidatify uses AI to optimize yield aggregation, making DeFi investments more profitable and accessible.

Who led the round: STIX

Aidatify's AI sounds so smart, it probably knows what you'll eat for breakfast before you do. 🤖

Honorable mentions:

  • Dora raises $5.5M to develop their multi-chain search engine, led by Dragonfly and Lemniscap.

  • Term Finance raises $5.5M for its decentralized lending protocol that utilizes a unique auction model to support scalable fixed-rate/fixed-term lending, led by Electric Capital.

Also, word on Sandhill Road is there's more crypto cash coming in next week. 😆

Stay tuned, Roaders!



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The German government now has only 9K Bitcoin left to offload. Germany is almost out of its Bitcoin reserves, will the selling pressure be finally over? The value of the current holdings stands at around $519M.

After Paxos, SEC ends investigation into Hiro Systems. The SEC decided to switch gears and let Hiro Systems off the hook. It looks like Hiro can finally enjoy a worry-free weekend​​.

Coinbase launches wallet web app for “Everything onchain”. This launch complements the recent launch of the Coinbase smart wallet, which aims to onboard mainstream users by “allowing new users to start without the need to install any extension or mobile app.”

Blur plunges 7% after Machi Big Brother transfers all his tokens to Binance. Machi Big Brother is a major player in the NFT space. In the past 24 hours, he deposited all 18.4M $BLUR ($3.13M) to Binance exchange.








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