May 27, 2024

🥛 Big week ahead: Hold on to your milk jugs! 🚀

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GM. This is Milk Road, your morning shot of crypto espresso – short, strong, and packed with punchy news.

Here’s what’s dripping today:

  • 4 things to watch this week 👀

  • We’re hosting an AMA 🥛

  • Graph of the day: Re-evaluating Saylor’s investment 🧐

  • Building a cross-chain DEX as an anon 😵‍💫

  • $25M in Hush Money: FTX’s Whistleblower Blackmail 🍪



Roadies, we’ve got a SHORT week ahead with the U.S. TradFi markets closed today. It’s gonna be full of U.S. economic data, major token unlocks, and politics in the arena.

1/ Token unlocks 🔓

$381.08M in various cryptocurrencies will be unlocked this week.

  • $80.55M worth of Optimism (OP) tokens unlock on May 31st (2.9% of supply)

  • $68.33M worth of dYdX (DYDX) tokens unlock on June 1st (11.9% of supply)

  • $67.94M worth of Sui (SUI) tokens unlock on June 1st (2.8% of supply)

P.S. – if you’re curious how unlocks affect prices, we got you covered here.

2/ U.S. macro data 📊

This week is loaded with crucial economic data that could set the tone for all the markets…

Here are the key ones: 

  • Consumer Confidence Data (Tuesday): Measures how optimistic consumers feel about the economy.

  • Q1 2024 GDP Data (Thursday): Provides insight into the economic performance of the first quarter.

  • April PCE Inflation Data (Friday): The Fed’s preferred inflation gauge.

  • Fed head’s go at it throughout the week giving their take on the economy 

Why this matters: These reports are like the crystal balls of the economy. 

Strong data might get investors feeling all warm and fuzzy, leading to a market rally. 

Weak data? Well, that’s like dropping your ice cream cone on Memorial Day—expect some tears and turbulence.

3/ Ethereum ETF S1’s 🚀

The SEC gave the green light to the 19b-4 filings for U.S. Spot Ethereum ETFs last week, and now we’re just waiting on the S-1 form approval so these ETFs can finally trade. 

It could take a while, but it could also happen this week, and this is a big deal for $ETH price movements so it’s worthy of being on the radar.

4/ Biden's potential veto on SAB 121 repeal🏛️

The bill to repeal the SEC's Staff Accounting Bulletin 121 (SAB 121) has landed on President Biden's desk, with a veto deadline of May 28th.

SAB 121 requires financial institutions to include customers’ digital assets on their balance sheets.

Why it matters:

  • Crypto Custody Costs: Repealing it would lower costs, making it easier and cheaper for banks to offer crypto custody services.

  • Political Drama: If Biden vetoes the repeal, Congress might try to override it, leading to more drama. With other bills like FIT21 in play, it's like a never-ending soap opera in D.C.

  • Market Reaction: A veto might spook the market, while repealing SAB 121 could boost confidence and investment in crypto.

This political blockchain saga could have a big impact on the crypto market!

To summarize… $381.08M in token unlocks + key macro data + Ethereum ETF hype + Biden's veto decision due = a recipe for a wild short week.

Buckle up and pack your milk!


Over the past four months, a unique combination of events has set the stage for a potentially long-term crypto bull market.

The first domino to fall was the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024. 

Then, in April 2024, Bitcoin’s halving event, typically a catalyst for significant bull runs, occurred.

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And the kicker? 

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*Disclaimer: Hey Roadies! A reality check from the Milk Man: I know my dairy, not your dollars. This partner content isn't financial advice.



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By choosing Bitcoin over Ethereum, Michael Saylor missed out on a potential $5.7 billion in extra profits.

Since 2020, MicroStrategy (Michael Saylor) has been stacking Sats like no one else in the game.

He’s invested an impressive $7.57 billion to amass a total of 214,246 $BTC, which is now worth $14.76 billion—a juicy 95% ROI! 🚀 WOWZA!

But it could have been more! Wanna know why?

Here's what MicroStrategy's wallet could have looked like today if they had invested in $ETH instead:

  • They would hold 4,986,791 $ETH worth $18.6 billion USD

  • Instead of being up $7.19 billion (with $BTC) MicroStrategy would be up $11.06 billion (146% ROI)

But what if Saylor staked his $ETH? 

  • At 4% APY he would have earned an extra 489,985 $ETH worth $1.83 billion

  • The total investment would amount to 5,476,776 $ETH, worth $20.46 billion

Too bad, so sad. Missed the boat right? Not so fast:

  • If Michael trades in all of MicroStrategy's $BTC for $ETH right now he’d have almost 4 million $ETH

  • If it was all staked it would create ~$738 million in annual revenue (which is more than MicroStrategy has ever made in a year)

The Milk Man has been preaching about the power of staking for a while now and this show’s how powerful it can be!

Now, the same way a teacher loves all their students equally, the Milk Man loves all blockchains.

BUT, let's be real, with these numbers, $ETH is looking like the star student that's always raising their hand! 👨‍🏫

What do you think? Should Micro Strategy have mixed up their investment strategy to include some $ETH exposure?

A/ Hell yeah

B/ Nah, stick with $BTC

Hit reply and drop your thoughts!



Ever wondered how you could swap Bitcoin for Ethereum without using centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase? 

Enter THORchain, a game-changer in the decentralized exchange (DEX) world.

In our latest episode, JP Thor, a founder of THORchain, dives into the creation of the world's biggest cross-chain DEX while remaining anonymous.

What You’ll Learn:

  • No More Middlemen: Learn how THORchain allows you to swap BTC for ETH in a single transaction without giving up custody of your assets. 🤝

  • The Tech Behind It: Discover how continuous liquidity pool formulas make decentralized trading efficient and secure. 🎱

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Ethereum Cracking Down on Shady Token Incentives. The Ethereum Foundation is racing to implement a formal conflict of interest policy after researchers pocketed fat EigenLayer token rewards.

$25M in Hush Money: FTX's Whistleblower Blackmail Exposed. A bombshell report reveals Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX forked over $25M to silence 7 whistleblowers before collapse – including one $16M payout. – DL News

Normie Memecoin 99% Nuked by Hack, But Fat Demands Could Save It? The meme-tastic $NORMIE token took a beating after an exploit drained its $42M market cap to just $200K. But in a bizarre twist, the hacker may return 90% of funds…if an influencer publicly reveals his weight. Crypto gonna crypto.

Donald Trump pledges to free Ross Ulbricht, stop CBDCs, and support self custody. In a speech at the Libertarian Convention, Trump vowed to protect Bitcoin from Elizabeth Warren and promote the U.S. as a leader in the crypto industry.

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In Wednesday’s daily we asked you to reply on whether or not you are putting your stable coins to work… well 57% of you voted NO! 

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