March 23, 2022

Blockchain Analysis & Organizing DAOs / David Mihal of CryptoStats DAO

Gm DOers!

We've got a great podcast to share with you today.

Before we dive in, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the new members meetup call on Monday! We had a great turnout, and loved hearing your ideas and feedback for the future of our DAO.

We’re excited to share this week’s Web3 DOer Spotlight guest, David Mihal.  

David is a true DOer, and has been working in crypto/web3 since 2017.

He is building CryptoStats, a protocol and DAO focused on making trustworthy crypto metrics available to all. He's also worked on a number of other crypto projects in the past, ranging from creating Crypto Fees, Burner Wallets at in-person events, and contributing work for DAOs.

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Understanding Blockchain Analytics and Building CryptoStats DAO

David talks to us about how his interest in on-chain metrics and analytics inspired him to create CryptoFees, where he set out to share the metrics that he thought were undervalued and could communicate important information to others.

The blockchain makes analyzing a company's metrics much easier than traditional business models, where the general public only gets insights into a public company during their earnings reports.  This allows anyone, at any time, to see live data for any given web3 company. 

David is currently building CryptoStats to be one shared repository where anyone can contribute and view data.  The goal of CryptoStats is to be a public good that everyone can extract value from, and provide value to.  

David walks us through the process of setting up and structuring a DAO, building a strong community, and how to incentivize the DAO’s members.

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If you're not already in the Discord community, make sure to join in to hang out with other creators, entrepreneurs & marketers on the forefront of Web3 innovation!

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