May 18, 2023

Decoding the Current State of Web3: Inflation, $ETH Staking & NFTs

GM DOers!

Another day, another opportunity to look onchain! 👀🔛⛓️

In the traditional world, we’d need to wait for earnings season 📊 to understand how businesses are doing or the FED minutes ⏳ to understand how the economy is doing.

In web3, we can look anytime we want.

It truly is amazing. 🤩

In today's 👀🔛⛓️report, we’re looking into the top 5 themes that are driving web3 right now. 🚀

Those themes include:

  1. 📉Inflation (yes, we can look onchain for this too, thanks to oracles!)

  2. 📈ETH Staking + RocketPool

  3. 📈Blockchain Gas Fees

  4. 📈Blockchain Activity (Bitcoin + Ethereum) + 📉Users

  5. 📉NFT Marketplaces + 📈Lending

There’s a lot going on in web3 right now. 🌪️

Unfortunately, the BIG things happening are not the big mainstream things.

Our themes are not about web3 gaming 🎮, social 🗣️, tickets 🎟️, etc. reaching the masses. 🌍

Not yet.

Instead they are things like macro, staking, gas fees and other things that most people in the world will simply never care about. 😴

That’s ok. It means we are early, which is exactly how we capitalize on the next big phase of the internet.

Let’s look onchain before looking onchain is cool. 😎

Let’s understand these technologies and what users are doing before the mainstream understands this stuff.

This allows us to build or invest ahead of everyone.

First on the list today is inflation… 💸

But before we head into it, it’s announcement time! 📢

All of our PRO content revolves around helping YOU build and invest in web3. Yet, I’ve never sat down with any of you to talk about your web3 journey.

That ends today! Because I want to give each and every PRO member 20 minutes of my time to talk about investing & building in web3.

I’ll listen to your journey & provide my honest input to help you thrive in this ever-evolving space.

Let's jump on a call and chat about what you're building or how you're investing to ensure you can capitalize on the next big phase of the internet!

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