September 3, 2022

Did NFTs Just Go Mainstream?

Gm DOers!

It was a big week for NFTs!

Some of the biggest stars in the world were showcasing their NFTs in a performance on MTV.

The biggest companies and brands are continuing to adopt and use NFTs for marketing, branding and engaging with their community

And finally, the entertainment sector continues to innovate in the world of NFTs.

NFTs are about to become the norm and we're watching it all unfold in real time. What a time to be alive (…and keeping up with Web3 👀)

Speaking of keeping up with Web3, welcome back to our Weekly Rollup, the only newsletter you need to stay on top of everything going on in this space.

Before going any further, we wanted to let you know that we have a special guest on the podcast version of the Weekly Rollup, replacing Jay who’s on vacay! 😎

It’s none other than Jeff Kauffman Jr. who was previously on our podcast a few months ago discussing social tokens, NFTs & community in Web3. 

You can watch Jeff’s appearance on Web3 Academy on:

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Today’s agenda:

  • Eminem and Snoop Dogg are showing off their BAYC on MTV 🤩

  • NFTs are going mainstream thanks to M&M’s and Meta 🔥

  • The Walking Dead launched a blockchain game 😲

  • Jump is building the best community in Web3 🚀

Let’s get into it, frens! ✌️

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Web3 News & Highlights

Snoop Dogg and Eminem perform at the VMA awards using their Bored Apes. In partnership with Yuga Labs, they’ve created a stellar performance where they’ve portrayed a transition from IRL to the Otherside metaverse. You can watch the entire performance here.

Yuga Labs have established an empire already in the space of NFTs / Metaverse and they are making all kinds of crazy deals come to life. 

An association between MTV – Eminem – Snoop isn’t easy to pull off. Yuga’s influence is already massive. And we should be rooting for them to put NFTs on the map. Through these successful campaigns, they are onboarding people into Web3 and we need that! 

Meta is introducing the ability to post NFTs (or digital collectibles as they call them) to Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be able to connect your web3 wallet to either app and share your NFTs. Here's a tweet of how the process will look on Instagram. 

Stani Kulechov highlights the stack for building composable decentralized social. He mentions protocols like Lens, The Graph and XMPT, all of which allow us to own our data, posts and activities on social media. 

While we think that Web3 social won’t take over Web2 social anytime soon, we do believe that there’s a transition happening where, if you had the opportunity, you’d choose the more decentralized version which enables digital ownership rather than the one ruled by one guy who can essentially do anything with your personal information. 

Furthermore, this transition will include content creators moving to places like Lens, where they can more effectively monetize their content. If there are enough creators moving to other platforms, the users will follow too. Especially the young audience.

On the same note of Web2 → Web3 transition, here’s a mind map of how this will happen, one dApp at the time. 

NFT Innovation & Utility

M&M’s has associated with BAYC to launch limited edition candy packages with the popular Apes.

M&M’s brand reach is huge. You can find their chocolate in all convenience stores around the world. If they put Bored Apes on their packages, it will be huge for NFTs in terms of awareness.

It’s also a good strategy for M&M’s who can associate with the hottest topics going on right now and reach the younger audience. The truth is that the crypto / web3 community is hard to reach. We’re all on private discords, telegrams and crypto Twitter. So unless brands come to us, we have no exposure to their advertising. And M&M’s is certainly coming at the crypto and web3 community with this campaign.

It’s a win-win for both M&M’s and the Web3 industry.

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Web3 Launches

The Walking Dead (currently the 15th most popular show in the world, according to IMDb) launched a blockchain based game, powered by Gala Games. 

Gala Games’ mission is to ‘build blockchain games you'll actually want to play’ while making the blockchain invisible in games. Interacting with Web3 games nowadays is a true pain. You have to connect a wallet and approve a lot of transactions which makes the experience really bad. 

We need games that can compete with Web2 games if we want people to actually play and enjoy them. We need Web3 to be simple! 

On that note, here’s how to 👉 simply explain Web3 so even your mom understands 👈

Proof Xyz has raised a $50 million Series A led by, ofcourse, a16z and they’ve announced their plans to launch the PROOF token, more details about it in 2023. Proof Xyz are the creators of MoonBirds, led by Kevin Rose. 

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The 1s & 2s

Arbitrum hires Andrew Saunders, former head of global branding at Amazon, as CMO. Andrew is also a part of the Jump community. 

Hot Takes & Funny Tweets

NFT Of The Month

Our NFT of the month goes out to JUMP, who’s perhaps building the most exciting community in Web3! 

Everyone and anyone is part of Jump’s community, including the new CMO of Arbitrum, Andrew Saunders! 

Recently, they have launched the Skyclub NFT, a 10k collection, of which only 150 were minted!

Now, you may ask yourself… Why on earth would you choose a collection which didn't even sell out as your NFT of the month?

Let me tell you why.

The Jump community is one of a kind and perhaps the most united one in Web3! Out of the 150 minters, nobody has listed their NFT for sale (apart from 2 who listed for 300 ETH as a joke).

To set some context as to how this is possible, the only people who could mint the Skyclub NFT were people that Jeff interviewed himself. Moving forward, only people that get an invitation from the current holders, can mint the NFT.

This approach shows how a community should be. Really exclusive and tight, working towards the same goal. Jump is truly creating the path and blueprint as to how you should build community!

If you want to participate in Jump's community, here are some useful links:

🕊️ Jump Twitter

📄 Jump Website

🙈 Jump's Skyclub NFT on Opensea

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