March 30, 2022

Expert Panel: How Web3 is Changing Marketing & Business Models

Gm DOers!

We have a special episode for you today!  

We hosted our first panel, with 4 incredible Web3 marketing experts.

The panel goes into great detail about the current state of marketing in Web3 and how it will continue to evolve.

I want to give a quick intro for each speaker, and then let's hop into the episode!

Mark Robinson: Runs Brandtegic digital marketing agency, host of ‘Marketing in the Metaverse’ podcast, and is hosting NFT Seattle 2022Anna Seacat: Marketing and Web3 Community at ProxyElif Hiz: Head of Marketing at NinjaSquad NFTKyle Reidhead: Co-founder of ImpactDM and Founder of Web3 Academy

You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

The Future of Marketing in Web3

We cover a broad range of topics related to how marketing is evolving in response to Web3.

Although the overall marketing strategies remain the same from Web2 to Web3 (grounded in consumer behavior and human psychology), the tactics and deployment of those strategies are changing.

One of the overarching themes discussed is the importance of community in Web3. In Web2, we grew audiences. In Web3, we are building real community. In this community first approach, it's all about creating real human interaction. This is done by doing things that don't scale. Having 1 on 1 conversations with community members. Building real relationships.

Another great point discussed is how the language and culture of Web3 is very different, and as a marketer, you need to immerse yourself in the community to get accustomed with that culture.  

We discuss the current state of Web3 tools – what has been effective, and what needs to be improved. We also talk about what the future of marketing in the Metaverse looks like, and give several predictions.

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Web3 Academy Discord Highlights

@samma @pipo and @NFTKea were among the community members that participated in Monday's new members meetup call. It was great to talk with them, as they all contributed incredible ideas for the future of Web3 Academy. Two of the members are already taking initiative, and are beginning to create resources to help the community grow.

If you're not already in the Discord community, make sure to join in to hang out with other creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers on the forefront of Web3 innovation!

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If you're not already in the Discord community, make sure to join in to hang out with other creators, entrepreneurs & marketers on the forefront of Web3 innovation!

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