May 5, 2023

From Worst to First: Big Inc. NFTs Turn the Tables

GM DOers!

Losers have become winners!

At least, that’s the recent stunt that Goblintown NFT project has pulled off.

In the midst of a bear market, Truth Labs, the project behind Goblintown, has launched this iconic project’s sequel – Big Inc.

The quirky thing about this amazingly crafted project is how they will decide for whom to offer a chance to mint a free Big Inc. NFT. How?

By finding the absolute worst NFT traders in the space, and rewarding them with a free mint of their upcoming collection. 😅

However, the free mint selection isn't the only cool aspect of this project. Its storyline, incentives, and selection process all shout uniqueness and creativity, offering a breath of fresh air compared to the usual doom-and-gloom stuff in the industry.

So, today we'll dive into Goblintown's crazy history, their creator’s current shenanigans, and how they're proving that we can make the most of tough situations in a super fun, entertaining, and one-of-a-kind way. 😎

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Truth Labs: The Bear Market Warriors

Truth Labs are masters of attention-grabbing.

One year ago, during an escalating bear market, they launched an NFT project Goblintown. And it blew everyone away. 💥

When it came to norms, they broke many of them in a truly bizarre, “only on the internet” kind of way. To understand what I’m talking about, you have to look no further than the project’s description on OpenSea:

But what about utility? Well, there was none. This was yet another way the founders broke the norm of expectations from the space.

Plain and simple, they laid out their roadmap on Goblintown's website: “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. CC0.” (CC0 license meaning that the NFT owners had full creative freedom to do whatever they wanted with them)

Incredible. 😎

The best part? People loved it. This daring, “I don’t care if you mint this NFT or not” attitude with seemingly no regard for the project’s future drew many people in, reverse psychology style.

Within a few days, the 10,000 free mint collection was gone, and a passionate community has formed and evolved ever since. 👌

Fast forward one year, amidst a slow bear market, Truth Labs returns to inject some much-needed fun, goofiness, and joy into the community despite the challenges many are facing.

Big Inc. – Worst Crypto Traders Welcome

Are you down bad, fren? 😔 Have you managed to consistently choose NFT projects that go nowhere? (I mean to 0). Then you are just the person Big Inc. is looking for!

If you thought the original Goblintown campaign was weird, think again.

The Season 2 of the project, dubbed Big Inc., has just been announced by Truth Labs, and it has, once again, taken the community by storm. 🌪️

Big Inc. is a play on an enormous international conglomerate that produces literally everything, and embodies in its messaging and branding the same soulless and life-sucking energy that we see in the corporate world today… of course, with a Truth Labs twist.

The premise of this “job application”? They’re looking for the 1000 worst traders to join the Big Inc. family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📉

If you’re an NFT trader who’s had a particularly, fantastically unsuccessful NFT trading career, you might be one of the lucky 1000 eligible for a free mint of their 15,000-piece collection (release date and art TBD).

This, as Truth Labs calls it, Lack-of-Skill mint has effectively created a bizarre situation where being on this leaderboard has become a status symbol that everyone wants to be on (and yet so few can)! Once again they’ve shown how well they understand this space.

What’s more interesting, they’re being particularly picky regarding whom to accept on the leaderboard. 📊

Not only have they been very clear that wash trading will be monitored, but also that influencers and wash traders have already been pre-rejected.

This smart move will likely result in a more organic campaign, free from influencers stealing the spotlight, and distorting public perception due to their influence.

And they also haven’t shied away from sticking their success in the face of their initial detractor, beeple (a prolific artist who has long-embraced NFTs and web3), who last year called the Goblintown project a low-effort pump-and-dump. He’s not only been called out but also pre-rejected on the Down Bad board.

Sorry, beeple, no Acceptance Letter for you. 🤷

(Have you already sent your job application to Big Inc.? Reply to this email with Yes/No)

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Embracing Memes and Trying New Things

But the fun doesn’t end there.

Once the initial 1000-piece Down Bad free mint is finished, the rest of the community will get the chance to feast on the remainder of the NFTs (bar some reserved ones), with some cool perks and opportunities attached. 👇

If you’re a holder of $PEPE tokens, a meme coin that has exploded in popularity and reached a $900M market cap in just two weeks of its existence, you will be eligible for a 50% discount.

This is yet another nod to the beauty and ridiculousness of this meme-driven industry while also reminding everyone of how powerful memes can be in growing a project in this space.

Furthermore, holders of other Truth Labs projects such as Illuminati, Goblintown, and Grumpl, will be airdropped Acceptance Letter (they have different traits) NFTs that will then have to be burned in order to unlock the next phase of the project.

There are more cool combinations and perks to be had for the holders of different NFTs, and you can check the full Truth Labs’ thread on Big Inc. here.

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Wrapping Up

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that underneath all these memes, goblin NFTs, unseriousness, and wackiness, lies an incredibly powerful set of technologies that make all of this possible.

Nowhere else except in web3 would it be possible to create what we’re seeing with Big Inc.

Only composable and permissionless technologies can allow us to create projects where we can reward past loyalty and worst NFT traders by looking onchain (👀🔛⛓️), accept a meme coin as payment, and so much more, all without relying on any 3rd parties or centralized entities.

Only in web3! 🤝

Big Inc., just like Goblintown last year, has come at the perfect moment, rewarding those who suffered a year before but stuck around to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Big Inc. has not only stretched the boundaries of what an NFT project should look and feel like but it's also revived excitement and optimism in the space.

This energy will hopefully inspire future projects to harness community power and web3 tech more creatively, pushing the limits and stepping out of their comfort zones.

I hope you enjoyed this, and have a fantastic weekend, DOers! ✌️

What’s New In Web3?

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