April 20, 2022

How to Build a Lasting Web3 Growth Strategy | Expert Panel

Gm DOers!

We have a great Expert Panel to share with you today!The panel provides a ton of value surrounding community, incentive mechanisms, and growth frameworks in web3.

I want to give a quick intro for each speaker, and then let’s hop into the episode!

  • Matias Honorato: Director of Growth at Tally and Web3 author

  • Jkey: Creator of Safari DAO

  • Kyle Reidhead: Co-founder of ImpactDM and Web3 Academy

  • Jay Hamilton: Co-founder of ImpactDM and Web3 Academy

You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

Web3 Growth Marketing

The panel starts off the discussion comparing the main differences between marketing in Web2 and Web3.

Web3 has created powerful new incentive mechanisms for it's users and centers around community led growth strategies. Although there are a lot of limitations with Web2, we can still bring strategies and frameworks over to Web3. Of these, email marketing is one that stands out as still being able to be effective in Web3.

They talk about the importance of doing things that don't scale, especially early on. Things like reaching out to each new community member that joins your project – developing real human to human relationships. Being that community is such a central part of Web3, it's increasingly important to take the time to cultivate those relationships.

We are currently learning what works and what doesn't for marketing in Web3. The panel discusses the future of longterm Web3 marketing strategies, and how they might be implemented.

Connect With the Panel

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Web3 Academy Discord Highlights

@Racer721 brings up a great point about the current state of NFT mint prices, and goes on to discuss possible benefits of launching a project for free with the focus on building community upfront.

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