June 3, 2022

How To Get A Job In Web3 | NFT Innovation | Web3 Social | Tech Experts Lobby Against Crypto | Layer 1s & 2s

Gm DOers!

Welcome to the Weekly Rollup, the perfect place to stay up-to-date with everything happening in Web3!

We undoubtably believe that the next big project is going to be created during this bear market and we feel that everybody that hasn't left the Web3 industry is focused on building that next big thing.

That's why we wanted to begin with our Web3 word of the week: build!

Focusing on building is what we all have to sit down and do. That's why today, we wanted to announce how Web3 Academy has decided to help the industry develop.

At the beginning of this year, we made it our mission to onboard millions of people into the Web3 space and we now want to contribute further.

We've listened to our community and have acknowledged that there is a demand for career opportunities in Web3, which is what we're going to talk about today!

We don't only want to onboard users into Web3 but also talent. It's going to be interesting.

Let’s go!

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How to Get a Job in Web3

Let's begin by clarifying that you do not need particularly much to build yourself a career in Web3. But there are a few personality traits that are required to succeed.

First of all, let's establish that you don't have to be an expert. No one is!

Bitcoin has been around for a little over 10 years, the altcoins started to develop around 8 years ago and the current ecosystem as we know it, has developed in the last couple of years.

In 2020, we didn't even have DeFi, NFTs or DAOs. I mean we did, but no one cared about them. Being early is an advantage. And you definitely are early.

As long as you have:

  • A passion for Web3

  • Communication skills (both written and oral)

  • Basic social media knowledge (Discord, Twitter, Telegram)

  • Desire to spark conversations in various Web3 communities

  • Along with being self-motivated and a problem-solver individual

You're going to be just fine!

Experience is not needed in Web3 because all of the existing individuals posses no experience themselves. Everybody learns as they go and as long as you're a capable learner, you're going to encounter minimal road bumps when building your Web3 career.

But why Web3?

A common misconception is that of remuneration. People think that developers, marketers and community managers get paid in tokens. While team members get tokens as well, they do get paid in cash too. And the salaries are outstanding and mind-blowing.

So what are the benefits of working in Web3, apart from the good salary?

  1. You're part of the fastest growing industry

  2. The projects are well funded which means that you get access to the latest tools and technologies

  3. Most jobs are remote and you can work from home

In addition to everything, the demand is huge at the moment for Web3 talent. There are hundreds of projects launching every day and they all need copywriters, community managers and marketing staff. Not to mention the scarcity of developers. There are under 10k active monthly developers in Web3 right now.

So, how does Web3 Academy want to help?

Get a Web3 Job

In addition to onboarding users into Web3 by providing valuable market information, we also want to contribute to onboarding talent. We therefore created the Web3 DOer Collective through which we aim to connect talented professionals win some of the top companies in Web3.

If you ever considered a job in Web3, you're in the perfect place!

If you're looking for a role, apply HERE

If you're looking to hire, apply HERE

NFT News

  • Famous actor, Seth Green, got his Bored Ape stolen. Seth was working on producing a movie where his ape was the starring character. Seth lost the ape in a phishing attach along with the IP to that particular ape which meant that he didn't have the rights anymore to produce the movie. After it was stolen, the ape was sold to an Australian surgeon who was tracked down by Seth. We believe that they've settled this privately and that Seth bought his precious Bored Ape back.

  • Love, Death + Art is a new Netflix series that uses NFTs as a marketing tool. They designed a scavenger hunt online where users can scan QR codes and mint NFTs for free. Users are now going around Twitter and Discord to find the QR codes to as many mints as possible. Note that the NFTs don't have any value at the moment.

  • GoblinTown, an NFT project without a road map or Discord has managed to reach a floor price of 6+ ETH on Opensea. It just highlights that the weirdest things work in Web3 and that we have no idea what the users want. We're so early.

  • Kanye West who previously criticized NFTs through an Instagram post (now deleted), files trademarks to launch NFTs around his YEEZUS brand. Why would a person that's anti NFTs make a collection? Because of the business case, of course! Huge business potential here, something that Kanye sees.

  • Prada announces new Timecapsule NFT collection along with a Discord channel. Who’s going to join Prada’s community? 

  • Lens protocol aims to allow users to create a profile that grants them access to all applications across the internet without having to create multiple accounts and usernames. Furthermore, once you follow someone, you’re following them across all platforms. This aims to bring all of social media together and make a seamless process of jumping around different platforms. Will big tech allow this to happen by plugging into these protocols or do we have to recreate Facebook, Instagram and Youtube in Web3?

  • Building on Lens’s concept, Linktree aims to create a protocol that allows different social media users to take their followers and content with them across all platforms. Imagine taking your Instagram followers to Twitter and vice versa. Game-changing! 

Layer 1s & 2s

  • Luna 2.0 is live! The launch took place by forking their previous blockchain. Now, Luna is not relying on UST anymore and has basically become another typical Layer 1 blockchain. The question is: Do we need another Layer 1? Apparently, investors don’t think so since 80% of the airdropped tokens were dumped on the market. The short-term view of Luna doesn’t look good but it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here! 

P.S: If you want to understand how blockchains can be sustainable, watch our latest podcast with Sam Andrew. 

  • The Solana blockchain went down again. This shows the need for scalability which right now seems to be achieved solely through Layer 2 blockchains. Layer 1’s are for security and ensuring that the protocol is live 24/7 while L2s are for scalability. Solana cannot be both. Not now at least.

  • Optimism launched their airdrop. No major issues took place and the UX of the claim was impressive. They even matched 12 TPS (matching the transactions from the Ethereum blockchain).

  • Tech experts are sending letters to US lawmakers in Washington criticizing crypto and blockchain. They call it risky and call for heavy regulation. Truth is that the media always picks up on FUD and controversy which is why this piece of news had so much success. Lawmakers are actually having healthy conversations about blockchain innovation so there’s no need to worry.

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