April 6, 2022

How To Go Full-Time Web3, Data Upgrades in Web3 & What Is Helium? | Eda Akturk

Gm DOers!

We have a very informative episode for you today.

Before we jump in, I'd like to thank everyone who tuned into the podcast last week – we had a massive spike in new listeners! Welcome. 

This week’s Web3 DOer Spotlight guest is Eda Akturk. Eda is a Web3 developer, writer, and community relations manager for the Helium Foundation. She is a great example on how to begin working in Web3.

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Getting Started Working in Web3

Eda walks us through her journey of moving from web3 enthusiast, to working full time in the space.  This is a great episode for anyone who has been wondering how they can get started working in crypto.

She talks about the importance of participating and contributing in communities, and how that often leads to being noticed by the core team.  

Eda explains the innovation behind what The Helium Network is building with their wireless hotspot network, how they are incentivizing users, and how she is helping to execute their vision.  It’s extremely interesting to see how the technology unlocks provided by web3 continue to make drastic improvements so many different types of industries.

Connect With Eda

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Web3 Academy Discord Highlights

Early this week, @petroz gave the community a huge update on the progress of his project. Something that stood out was how effective doing 1 on 1 calls has been for the growth of the community – "We've taken 15 minute discovery / presentation calls with everyone who wants to get whitelisted. Initially we spoke to some very prominent players in the NFT space and the general reaction was "you can't do this", "web3 won't like this", "it'll never work", etc. Honestly, it's worked incredibly well."

Great insight into the importance of human interaction in web3!

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