June 19, 2023

🥛 Market Movers: 2 winners. 1 loser 📊

Today’s edition is brought to you by Origin Protocol – Their LSDFI Protocol OETH attracted over $23M of TVL in its first month 👀 

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Here’s what we got for you today:

  • Market movers: winners & losers 📊

  • 2 things to watch this week 👀

  • The SEC and Binance(US) come to an agreement 🍪

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He said he feels like Batman…

And this week, he spotted 2 winners and 1 loser. Let’s dive in.


1/ Sui ($SUI) is up 16% over the last week.

What is it? Sui is a (newer) Layer 1 blockchain that is built to be faster & cheaper than other chains.

It was created by ex-Facebook developers and raised $300M from big-name VCs like a16z.

Why’s it up? It’s been an eventful few weeks:

  • Announced a new proposal that would enable liquid staking (AKA crypto investors’ two favorite words nowadays.)

  • Signed a multi-year deal to be the official blockchain partner for the Formula One (F1) Red Bull racing team.

But the biggest win for SUI? It wasn’t one of the tokens named as a security in the SEC’s lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance.US last week.

It’s like back in middle school when the loudspeaker system would randomly turn on and all your friends would get called into the Principal’s office, except you. Big win.

2/ Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is up 9% over the last week.

What is it? $SHIB is a memecoin that turned into a top 20 token.

It’s the 17th largest cryptocurrency and has a $4B+ market cap.

Why’s it up? Shiba Inu developers teased an upcoming product launch and a big announcement.

They pulled the ole’ “we announce that we’ll have another announcement soon” card.

It worked. But be careful, it could be a “buy the rumor, sell the news” event.

And now, for…


1/ Cardano ($ADA) is down 7% over the last week.

What is it? $ADA is the native token for Cardano – an OG blockchain that launched back in 2017.

It was created by Charles Hoskinson (one of the Ethereum co-founders) and is now the 7th largest cryptocurrency with a $9B+ market cap.

Why’s it down? It’s been a rough few weeks:

  • The SEC named ADA a “security” in its lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance.US

  • As a result, platforms like Robinhood and Bakkt delisted the token

But wait, there’s more… it’s also been confirmed that the Cardano founder is on the hunt for aliens.

He is currently near the coast of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean searching for a “UFO” that recently crashed there.

Some people pivoted away from crypto to things like AI.

Others (like Charles here) went for the fun stuff – alien hunting.


One narrative has dominated headlines in 2023: Liquid Staking.

It’s the fastest growing sector of DeFi, with nearly $18B of ETH being staked with liquid staking providers so far this year.

Well, now a new sector has emerged allowing users to boost their staking yield through lending and providing liquidity – we call it…. LSD-Fi.

Like any new sector, the competition is fierce. That’s why we’re watching the players who have been impacting the DeFi scene for years – players like Origin.

They established themselves as a DeFi powerhouse in 2017 when they launched Origin Protocol, later creating the first yield-bearing stablecoin, their own native token, and a DAO.

And their LSDFi offering OETH has been doing numbers:

  • Attracted over $23M in TVL after launching last month

  • Surpassed yields on stETH, rETH and frxETH with a trailing 30-day APY over 10%

  • Became a top 3 LSDFi yield aggregator

Since yields are earned passively, users don’t even have to pay gas fees. That’s even more earnings on your ETH.


After back-to-back weeks of crypto chaos, this week’s forecast looks to be calmer.

No big Congressional hearings. No big court cases. *phew*

But there are still 2 trends you should keep an eye on this week:


Last week, BlackRock dropped a bomb…

The world’s largest asset manager (~$10 trillion in AUM) filed an application for a Bitcoin trust called iShares Bitcoin Trust.

The goal? Give investors exposure to Bitcoin without directly buying it. 

Now BlackRock just needs to wait and see if its application gets approved.

(Milky Fact: BlackRock’s record of getting approved by the SEC is 575-1. It’s the Floyd Mayweather of Finance – it doesn’t lose.)

Then over the weekend rumors started circulating that Fidelity is also looking to make a big move in crypto. It’s the world’s third largest asset manager and has… checks notes… $4 trillion in AUM.

The rumor: Fidelity might apply for a Bitcoin ETF of their own or might just buy Grayscale.

So what? If BlackRock’s application gets approved and Fidelity ends up making a move, it could be big for crypto adoption.

It would let investors get easy access to crypto, in a regulated way.

Just check out what happened when GLD launched. It’s a type of service that lets investors get exposure to gold without directly buying it.

We’ll have to wait and see if history repeats itself.

Either way, looks like the big kahunas of traditional finance are coming to crypto.


It’s been an eventful week for the internet’s favorite jpegs:

  • An NFT called “The Goose” was sold for $6.2M at a Sotheby’s auction. It’s Milk Road’s Big Baller Buy of the Week™

  • Nike and Fornite are collabing on a new digital release and dropped a teaser video that included Nike’s dot swoosh NFT platform. According to Nike’s creative director, the collab will feature Nike-designed skins, cosmetics, and special rewards for .Swoosh members.

NFTs have had a rough year, but big buys and big partnerships are two things that will make noise and help bring attention to the industry.

It’s like when you host a party with a banger playlist (AKA Drake on repeat) – the neighbors are bound to come out and see what all the noise is from.


The estate of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has filed legal documents to impose a $10,000 daily fine against Kyle Davies for ignoring subpoenas. They tried mail, e-mail, text, DMs on social media, pigeons, and no luck – Davies has ignored it all. $10k/day will get anyone’s attention though…

ZachXBT has raised $1M+ from the crypto community after getting sued for exposing a well-known NFT trader. It’s crypto’s “all for one, one for all” moment.

Wyre, a crypto payments platform, announced it’s winding down operations due to market conditions. Pour one out from another fallen soldier…

Binance.US and the SEC struck an agreement to let the crypto exchange continue operations while they battle it out in court.


Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit


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