April 21, 2022

Moonbirds | Coinbase NFT Marketplace | Web3 UX | Web3 Person Of The Month!

Gm DOers!

Once again, this week is full of huge announcements and milestones for Web3!

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In this week's Web3 Rollup, we discuss:

  • Moonbirds NFT

  • Coinbase NFT Marketplace

  • UX in Web3

  • The Web3 Person of the Month

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Moonbirds NFT

Moonbirds has officially taken the NFT world by storm.

Moonbirds was created by Proof Collective. It was founded by Kevin Rose, who is an extremely successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Moonbirds has hit some incredible milestones, most notably 94,500 ETH in trading volume, and a whopping 33.95 ETH floor price in less than a week.

So what can we learn from the success of this project?Daniel Tenner wrote a great Twitter Thread on the structures and opportunities that are now available through NFTs, and can be seen in this project.

Coinbase NFT Marketplace

The long awaited Coinbase NFT Marketplace has just launched it's Beta! This is huge news in the NFT space, as Coinbase had over 3 million users signed up on their waitlist to access the platform – onboarding the next wave of Web3 users.

Jason Yanowitz highlighted in this tweet that Coinbase did not just launch and NFT platform, they launched the Web3 version of Instagram. The platform allows users to follow, like, and even comment on NFTs, effectively making it a social media platform as well.

Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) acknowledged that although there is a social component to the Coinbase NFT, "that we need to make social more decentralized over time – we're stuck in a web 2.5 world still, moving toward web3."

Web3 UX

Uniswap just launched their Swap Widget, allowing developers to integrate access to the exchange with just one line of code. This now makes Uniswap accessible from anywhere across web3.

Uniswap stated “We envision a world in which everyone is able to access fair, open, and transparent markets. The Swap Widget brings this vision closer to reality by allowing developers to easily embed Uniswap swapping functionality.”

We're beginning to see the development of better user experiences being integrated into Web3 tools.

The "Defi Mullet"

The term Defi Mullet, coined by the guys over at Bankless, represents the idea of having a "business up front, party at the back" model. This refers to having a great FinTech user interface on the front end, and decentralized finance on the back end.

Web3 Person of the Month

Our Web3 Person of the Month is @Punk6529

Punk6529 is moving the Web3 space forward. He is anonymous, but we know that he comes from the financial/technology world. He has a gift for opening your mind to the future possibilities of Web3.

Earlier this week, he announced the alpha launch of the OM Project. He outlines is vision for the project in a Twitter Thread – super interesting read if you have the time!

Punk6529 TwitterPunk6529's Website

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