July 13, 2023

MR PRO | Bitcoin Dominance & Decoding Market Cycles


🚨Bitcoin Dominance is rising!!

Are you paying attention?

If you’re new to this space and you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, we got you. 👊

I’m going to explain it below, along with sharing numerous other charts that compare it to other markets and past cycles to determine where we are in the current cycle. 🤷

We’re talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even the NFT space. This Eyes On Chain PRO Report is going to get you up to speed on exactly where we are heading next and help you understand when and how to allocate your capital. 💰

For starters, when Bitcoin Dominance rises, it’s time to pay attention. 👀

It means a bull market is coming. We’ve seen this scenario play out before. Let me explain…

The Start Of The Bull Run 🐂

If you read our PRO report from 2  weeks ago about How To Invest In Application Tokens, then you’ve seen our “flow of money in crypto” chart, which is common among past crypto cycles.

Bull markets in crypto in the past have always started with FIAT money flowing into Bitcoin. ♻️

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