July 27, 2023

MR PRO | $SOL Tokenomics. Good Buy?


Ever since its inception, Solana has promised to be the Ethereum killer by providing superior speed and scalability through its blockchain. 🚀

But is that claim accurate? Can Solana actually become a solid network, and can its $SOL token reflect the potential adoption of the Solana blockchain? 🤔

Today, we’re diving into the world of tokenomics and using onchain data to chart the path for future exploration of a blockchain that technically has the potential to onboard the first billion people in web3. 🔢

Is $SOL a good investment and something to hold onto long-term? That’s what we are answering in today's PRO report.

Of course, for $SOL to be a legitimate investment, the Solana blockchain must be a long-term success in terms of its activity and use cases.

In case you missed our deep dive on Solanas Activity from a few weeks ago, check out the PRO report here. 👀

As for today, our mission is to leave you with a clear and comprehensive overview of $SOL. 💪

We’ll provide solid starting points regarding its utility, its impact on Solana's future growth, and the possible red flags 🚩, by covering: 

  • The supply and demand dynamics of $SOL

  • $SOL’s initial launch and future unlocks

  • $SOL’s price evolution 

And much more…

Yes, all those nerdy but crucial elements that can make the difference between a life-changing investment and a pocket-burning sh*tcoin. 🔥

Tokenomics: What Does it Mean in Plain English? 🤷‍♂️

Before we do anything else, let’s remind ourselves what tokenomics are and why they’re important.

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