March 19, 2023

MR PRO | Top 5 Charts We’re Keeping Our Eye On

Gm PRO members,

Normally, your subscription gets you 1 PRO Report/week. Well, this week we’ve decided to surprise you with more.

Because well, who doesn’t like more?

Enjoy the Top 5 charts I’m looking at right now 👀

Macro = Crypto

Crypto = Macro

We’ve learned this the hard way in 2022 with interest rates, inflation, and more impacting the broader crypto and web3 space.

That said, a storm is brewing and I believe it’s a storm heading in the right direction… finally!

Macro is turning quickly, for the better (for markets, not the economy).

Crypto fundamentals continue to improve.

And web3 infrastructure is maturing.

Could everything be lining up for a big 2023?

Here’s 5 charts I’ve been watching lately that tell a very, very interesting story.

Let’s just say… I’m getting pretty excited.

1. Global Liquidity (M2) Is Pumping 🚀

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