July 1, 2022

Solana Phone | Doodles 2 | Euro Government Using Ethereum | Top Talent Going To Web3 | Shipping Season

Gm DOers!

Welcome back to our Weekly Rollup, the place where we help you stay caught up with the abundance of market news circulating around Web3.

And holy crap there’s been a lot going on this week…

It’s shipping season!

After the truck loads of money and talent that entered this space during the bull run, teams have been hard at work.

We have already seen a bunch of launches or announcements of launches and we feel the next 6-18 months are going to be one for the books across Web3.

We’re excited for all the new tools, use cases and experiences that are coming our way.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we discussed this week:

  • Celebrities are going down the Web3 rabbit hole

  • A new Web3 Phone?

  • A European Government is building on Ethereum

  • The SEC is getting sued

  • New tools are launching all over the place

  • And we share the Web3 tool of the month.

Sounds like we’re in a bull market!

While that’s not the case, there is a lot to stay up to date with, so let’s get cracking!

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The State of Web3

Ryan Selkis released this slide, expressing his thoughts on the Web3 sector and why it's inevitable… And it's spot on. Here's a quick break down:

  1. Bitcoin is designed to be legal tender (hard money) for developing and emerging economies

  2. Stablecoins are almost matching the volumes of Visa & Mastercard

  3. Web3 applications such as Ethereum are making the internet decentralized

  4. DeFi is providing significantly higher yields than banks, yet the DeFi market cap is 1% in comparison to banks

  5. NFTs offer 10x creator incentives and user IP rights

  6. DAOs can scale entities at internet speed

There is a generation change happening before our eyes… Billions of dollars are flood the markets and thousands of people are getting Web3 jobs.

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Web3 News & Highlights

Kevin Hart has started to go down the Web3 Rabbit Hole, like the other thousands of other celebrities. He's already building in this space and has started his own Discord. Maybe our Web3 Rabbit Hole Course might interest you, huh Kevin?

The Norwegian Government just announced that they are releasing a solution on Ethereum: A cap tables platform for unlisted companies. More precisely, it will be built on Arbitrum!

Grayscale is suing the SEC for the denial of a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Gary Gensler calls Bitcoin a commodity, along with other cryptocurrencies he doesn't want to disclose for the time being.

Solana is building a new 1000$ phone. While many think that it will be a direct competitor to Apple and Samsung, they're apparently going to focus a lot on implementing Web3 tools into the phone, something that is allegedly impossible in existing phones. Here's a thread explaining it in detail.

NFT Innovation

The NFT market is experiencing its lowest weekly volume this year.

Doodles making some significant announcements:

  1. Alexis Ohanian's SevenSevenSix will lead Doodle's first ever fundraise while Katelin Holloway (founding partner at SevenSevenSix) will join the board of Directors at Doodles.

  2. Pharell Williams joins the team as member of the board and Chief Brand Officer. He will Executive Produce music projects, produce animated film & tv, and creative direct product launches.

  3. Doodles 2: A dynamic NFT where you can change your look as often as you like. You can choose whether it'll be a full body picture or a portrait and it will have music in the background. Pretty cool!

And the list goes on… Read their thread here!

Sandbox has partnered with TIME magazine to create Time Square in the metaverse!

Web3 Launches

The new LinkedIn is being built on Lens Protocol. It’s called Orb and it looks pretty interesting. Still not sure how far along they are in building though.

Astaria, spearheaded by former Sushi chief technical officer Joseph Delong, is an upcoming NFT lending protocol that will use a novel peer-to-pool approach and center around three types of stakeholders: appraisers, borrowers, and lenders.

The NFT lending project scene has been swelling over the last year as projects have been racing to achieve product-market fit. There’s tons of demand in this arena and more than a few projects working on the problem already, but it doesn’t seem anyone has decisively “cracked the code” yet. Astaria’s unprecedented design may end up representing a leap forward for the space.

Galaxy, a collaborative credential infrastructure that empowers brands to build better communities and products in Web3 launches on Guild XYZ, proposing a better way to manage web3 projects and communities across different chains together

The 1s & 2s

Immutable X hires former Facebook Global Head of Product Design for Payments, Henry Cho.

Polygon ships a zkEVM within a month. ZK rollups are the most secure way to scale blockchains and EVM rollups let developers copy / paste existing Ethereum code. Blending them together is huge!

Polygon introduces Avail, launching on the test net. Basically, Avail is a rollup that'll allow for further scalability and reduce costs! More details are yet to be released. We'll keep you posted on Twitter... Follow us!

Web3 Tool Of The Month

Our Web3 Tool of the Month goes out to… Ledger!

While we keep our heads are down and we focus on constantly building in this space, we're also stacking our favorite tokens!

Web3 enables us to take control of our assets and Ledger is the best tool to help us do so safely!


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