May 11, 2022

The Future Of Identity And Ownership In Web3 | Lisa Seacat

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In this week’s Spotlight, we are proud to introduce you to the impressive Web3 DOer, Lisa Seacat! Lisa is currently leading engineering and product management for web3 identity and login at Unstoppable Domains, innovating the future of the decentralized web.

She has previously worked at IBM for 16 years where she was named the most prolific female inventor in IBM history. Lisa is also a TED speaker, author and holds over 600 patents in areas such as cloud, mobile, IoT, social, security, AI, blockchain, commerce and everything in between.You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

How is Web3 revolutionizing digital identity and ownership?

Lisa is driven by the idea of giving the power back to the users. Therefore, she’s very much aligned with the mission of Unstoppable Domains, hence why she chose to work there. Unstoppable Domains is aiming to revolutionise the way we surf the web and the way our data is accessed through Web3 tools.

In the podcast, there are a number of different issues with current web2 processes that are being discussed. Jay describes the struggles of login and how painful it is to remember passwords. Unstoppable Domains is trying to solve that problem through allowing humans to verify themselves with a decentralized web3 wallet like MetaMask or Coinbase.

Lisa’s role at Unstoppable is Web3 identity, which implies finding solutions to improve the user experience of surfing the web. Lisa talks about what tools are currently live and/or being developed. These include NFT domains, crypto payments through domains, interoperability across the web and many more!

We also dive into how blockchain and NFTs allow people to showcase the different events of their life:

  • Education

  • Events

  • Certificates

  • Contracts

Lisa’s long-term projections of Web3 and the things she’s trying to accomplish alongside Unstoppable is to ultimately give more ownership to the users, to allow users to prove their past accomplishments in a decentralized nature and to hold malicious users accountable.

We are excited to follow Lisa throughout her journey at Unstoppable Domains and we wish her all the best. Her innovation will certainly benefit all of us!

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