April 13, 2022

The Future Of Memberships Is Using NFTs | Unlock Protocol Founder: Julien Genestoux

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This week's Web3 DOer Spotlight guest is Julien Genestoux. Julien is the founder of Unlock Protocol, has been a software engineer for over 20 years, and founded Superfeedr which was sold to Medium in 2016.

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Unlocking the Future of NFT Memberships

"The open web is the best invention that mankind has ever put out" – Julien Genestoux

As memberships become the main business of the internet, it's increasingly important to have an open protocol for memberships. This is exactly what Julien has built with Unlock Protocol.

He talks to us about the future of managing memberships with NFTs, and how this is bringing power back to the communities. Julien breaks down the evolution of community from web2 to web3, and how this evolution has turned community members from commodities of the platforms they use, to owners of those assets. Instead of platforms profiting off users' data, the users now become directly incentivized and share in the upside.

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Great discussion about the importance of staying safe out there and doing your due diligence before entering a new NFT project. @Ganjy.eth points out a recent rugpull in the space and why its so important to research the team behind a project, and to look at their track record. As always DYOR.

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