July 26, 2023

🥛 The most optimal investment portfolio is… 🤑

Today’s edition is brought to you by Backers – whose Shoes That Fit initiative is using the power of NFTs to raise funds for children in need.

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Here’s what we’re serving up today:

  • The perfect portfolio 🤑

  • Blockchain use case: credential sharing 🔓

  • Sotheby’s is launching an on-chain generative art program 🎨

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Everyone wants to know one thing… what is the perfect portfolio?

Well, 3 analysts from BlackRock wanted to find out.

So they did a study on it.

(P.S. – The study was done in August ‘22, but has recently gotten notice within the crypto community)

The results concluded that the most ideal optimal risk vs. reward portfolio is… *drumroll*…

  • 84.9% in BTC

  • 9.06% in stocks

  • 6.04% in bonds

Yup, that’s right. According to analysts who work for the largest asset manager in the world, Bitcoin is the optimal investment choice.

**the crowd erupts**

And it hasn’t been the only Bitcoin talk coming from the BlackRock HQ recently…

The $9T asset manager recently filed for a Bitcoin ETF and Larry Fink (the CEO) is going on a Bitcoin Media Tour talking about how great it is.

Buckle up, BlackRock may just singlehandedly bring back the crypto market.


What’s better than getting in on the latest NFT mint? Making a difference while doing so.

Whether you’re a collector, philanthropist, or tech lover, charitable digital collectibles are something to get excited about.

That’s why we partnered with Backers, who just launched the Shoes That Fit NFT Fundraiser.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Their goal is to raise funds towards providing new shoes to children in need

  • Each donation towards the NFT is tax-deductible, and the fundraiser also funds an endowment-style investment model for Shoes That Fit

  • Donors have access to a vibrant and caring community of like-minded donors and tech lovers

And it’s all brought together by great art. Become a part of the Little Legends story and change a child's life today.


Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite two words: use cases.

Now, many people think crypto use cases are a lot like John Cena – they can’t be seen.

But today, we’re gonna talk about a cool one we recently came across.. credential sharing.

To show you how it’s done, we’re taking you all the way to North Dakota. (Home of the bison and cities I can’t pronounce)

Last year, North Dakota launched a program that lets high school students keep their credentials (i.e. diplomas, transcripts, etc) in a blockchain-powered digital wallet.

Here’s how it works:

  • Students first need to opt in to use the digital wallets

  • Once they opt in, a decentralized identifier (DID) is assigned to the student

  • Then the North Dakota Information Technology (NDIT) department issues credentials on behalf of the student on the blockchain

  • The on-chain credentials are tied to the students’ DID. (Note: no student data is put on the blockchain. Just the DID)

  • If a student wants to share their credentials with a potential employer, they just need to send them an invitation link. The link takes the employer to the blockchain wallet so they can download and verify the students’ credentials

So what? This makes sharing important info as easy as pushing a button. Literally.

Back in my day, getting your transcript from school was an Extreme Sport – you’d have to jump through endless hoops and walk miles from office to office trying to find the Transcript Lady.

Now it can all easily be shared and stored via the blockchain.


Kraken re-introduces Kraken Pro for traders. The offering allows traders of all shapes and sizes to level up their trading through a clean user interface, advanced tools and analytics, and full customization.*

The Avalanche Foundation is launching a new $50M Asset Tokenization Initiative. It’s designed to support and demonstrate the value of tokenizing a wide range of asset classes, such as equity, credit, real estate, and more. Blockchain 🤝 RWA’s

Binance filed a motion asking a court to dismiss the CFTC complaint against it. It’s like getting grounded by Mom, but then going to Dad to unground you.

The Alphapo hack now totals $60M+ in stolen funds. The damage was previously estimated to be $31M, but reports of losses have now doubled. Ouch.

Sotheby’s is teaming up with Art Blocks to launch an on-chain generative art program. It will give artists access to Art Blocks’ smart contracts and rendering infrastructure to create their own generative projects.

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