June 25, 2024

🥛 This $100B+ man has Bitcoin fever 🔥

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GM. This is Milk Road, the crypto newsletter that's as enlightening as finally understanding the offside rule in soccer.

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • ✍️ This $100B+ man has Bitcoin fever

  • ✍️ What 8% average returns really look like 

  • 📊 PRO “where are we in the cycle?” indicators

  • 🎙️ The Milk Road Show: 3 reasons for the Bitcoin drop

  • 🍪 Spot bitcoin ETFs log $174M in outflows

No, we didn’t fat finger the slider today, the fear and greed index actually slid 21 points overnight to its lowest point since September, 2023 when Bitcoin was at $26k…



The Milk Man here, and guess what?

I was just swapping cookie recipes with the Cookie Monster yesterday when he told me about this gem from Michael Dell (the CEO of Dell Technologies).

Yep, this guy is tweeting about Bitcoin, and it's got the Milk Man intrigued.

Dell + 🍪🍪🍪 = Bitcoin?!

Michael Dell, has been doing some cryptic tweeting lately, hinting at a possible interest in Bitcoin. 

He's been bantering with Michael Saylor, the ultimate Bitcoin fanboy and chairman of MicroStrategy.

Picture this: Dell and Bitcoin, sitting in a tree, H-O-D-L-I-N-G.

He even asked the big question

So why should you care? 

  • Michael Dell might be eyeing Bitcoin, both for himself and maybe even for Dell Technologies.

  • Dell stock has been on fire this year, with Michael Dell himself cashing out $2.1 billion (that’s a lot of dry powder) while still holding 58% of the company.

  • $5.83 billion in cash is just sitting there on the company’s balance sheet. Could Bitcoin be next on Dell's shopping list amidst the AI boom?

If they decide to dive into Bitcoin, it could trigger the next wave of big corporations adding $BTC to their treasury. AND maybe Dell will even jump in with some of his own net worth…

And when comparing these two CEOs apples to apples, Michael Dell is worth 24x MORE than Michael Saylor…

🥛 Milk Road Take: Cookies are good, Milk makes them even better…

Jokes aside, this goes to show the power behind some of these billionaires and large corporations

With a tech giant like Dell potentially backing Bitcoin, the message is clear: crypto is not just a fad, it’s a strategic move.

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Let's face it—humans are pretty terrible at investing.

We're short-sighted, emotional, and have a hard time sticking to plans.

Today, we're tackling the issue of being “short-sighted” because stressing about short-term movements can make you do stupid things out of fear or greed.

So, let's look at some charts that might just give you one of those “aha moments” and hopefully save you from that fate. 

How an 8% average return looks in theory: smooth and steady. 🧘🏻

But in reality? Even the journey of the S&P 500 (which is considered to be relatively safe) is far from smooth.

Just look at all those red lines signalling massive dips in the market—volatility is the name of the game. 🎢

So what should you do? Zoom out 👇

That is $BTC’s price from 2011 to now, showing in the red circle how small this recent drop was in comparison.

Day-to-day movements don’t matter unless you’re a day trader.

What matters is remembering why you invested in the first place, sticking to your plan, and holding on through the short-term dips.

Here’s a look at the max pain trade of this cycle for those focusing on short-term trades…

See how easy it is to fall into this trap?

That's why today’s episode of The Milk Road Show is all about the reasons why Bitcoin dropped and how it compares to past pullbacks.

So press play on today’s episode and put the panic on pause!

It's perfectly normal to feel tempted, but not giving up is key. 🔑

🥛 Milk Road Take: The problem is most people focus too much on the short term, while investing is a long-term game.

When in doubt, zoom out.

Time in the market > timing the market.

As the Milk Man likes to say: Real wealth comes from compounding results year over year.

Don’t want to end up like those folks mentioned? We’ve got great news for you.

Tune into our AMA this Wednesday to get tips from our Head of Research at Milk Road PRO, Kyle Reidhead, on surviving this volatility and, most importantly, making the most out of this cycle.

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Crypto moves in cycles, and knowing where we are in the current cycle is crucial for capturing the best opportunities.

The goal is to spot the bull market peak before the inevitable bear market hits your bags hard.

Since timing the top perfectly is almost impossible, we use various indicators to give us a better shot at taking profits before it's too late.

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US spot bitcoin ETFs log $174 million in net outflows as bitcoin price struggles. Marking the seventh consecutive day of negative flows, investors are cashing out fast. This coincides with bitcoin's price dip below $60,000.

Bybit overtakes Coinbase in global market share amid Binance fallout. Bybit has surpassed Coinbase in global market share, marking a significant shift as Binance continues to face regulatory challenges.

Solana introduces a new feature for crypto transactions on any website. Finally, blockchain meets browsing!

ZKsync introduces 'elastic chain' architecture as part of its 3.0 roadmap. The plan is to move from a singular ZK rollup to a network of interoperable chains, making things smoother than a freshly baked cookie.

Memecoins flood Pump.fun competitor Moonshot. Dexscreener has launched Moonshot, a new platform similar to Pump.fun, where users can mint their own tokens on Solana. Naturally, it's already overrun with memecoins and political tokens.

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