March 19, 2023

W3A PRO | Top 5 Charts We’re Keeping Our Eye On

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Macro = Crypto

Crypto = Macro

We’ve learned this the hard way in 2022 with interest rates, inflation, and more impacting the broader crypto and web3 space.

That said, a storm is brewing and I believe it’s a storm heading in the right direction… finally!

Macro is turning quickly, for the better (for markets, not the economy).

Crypto fundamentals continue to improve.

And web3 infrastructure is maturing.

Could everything be lining up for a big 2023?

Here’s 5 charts I’ve been watching lately that tell a very, very interesting story.

Let’s just say… I’m getting pretty excited.

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1. Global Liquidity (M2) Is Pumping 🚀

If you read my PRO report on valuing digital assets, you know that I don’t believe the cycles of crypto are led by the Bitcoin Halving Cycle – I see that as a coincidence.

Crypto cycles follow a similar path to tech equity cycles, which follow the business cycle (aka the liquidity cycle).

When money enters the system (from central banks printing money), assets moon. It’s how the economy has worked for decades now.

After a 1.5 year decrease in the rate of change in global liquidity, things have changed. Liquidity has turned and is heading north once again.

You may be wondering, however, how is this true if the FED is still raising rates?

The answer is: China 🇨🇳

China has begun printing money and stimulating its economy. And while everyone pays attention to the US economy and the FED, let’s not forget how massive the Chinese economy is…

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