April 29, 2022

Web3 Academy Is Going Web3… Want To Come Along?

Gm DOers!The times are changing… and so is Web3 Academy!As you might know, our mission is to help entrepreneurs, creators and marketers stay on the forefront of web3 innovation.To help you understand how to build new businesses and integrate existing businesses in Web3 effectively.For us to do this properly, we feel it’s time to start using Web3 tools within our own community, as the best way to learn is by doing.So I’m just going to come right out and say it…

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Web3 Academy Is Becoming A Tokenized Community

Wen Token? Right now.No, we’re not airdropping a social token for you to sell and make a quick buck on (…sorry traders!)However, we are giving away a FREE Web3 Academy NFT Badge (aka POAP).

This NFT will be the key to enter the Web3 Academy Discord Channels in addition to other benefits in the future.But not EVERYONE can get their hands on this NFT.You must apply first and if you are a good fit for the Web3 Academy Community, we will airdrop the NFT into your wallet.

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Why Tokenize The Web3 Academy Community?

We are doing this for multiple reasons:

  1. We want to practice what we preach and ensure our community is learning and interacting with Web3 tools.

  2. We want to showcase the utility of Web3 tools and together watch how they create more engaged and active communities.

  3. We want to make the Web3 Academy Discord more exclusive and active for a like-minded group of DOers.

By launching this NFT we begin Web3 Academy’s footprint on the blockchain. An open, immutable and decentralised database that will store this footprint for eternity.We begin our journey to experiment with our community and collect a track record of our most active and engaged members.This allows us to give back to these members at every opportunity long into the future.

What Will The NFT Do?

At first… not much.Its first utility will be the key to unlock the Web3 Academy Discord. Starting May 15th our Discord will turn private and only those who verified that they hold the free NFT in their wallet will retain access.As the Web3 Academy audience is growing quickly, it’s important we put an emphasis on cultivating an active and engaged community.To do this, sometimes you need to do the non-scalable things first.This means that every new member to our newsletter or that downloads our Web3 report will be required to complete the application and be vetted before receiving the NFT and accessing the community.The NFT is free because we don’t want to earn anything to build a community. This should come naturally and without a cost.NFT holders in the future will be rewarded with more access to online or IRL events, discounts for new products or early access to new features.This part will be up to the core team and potentially the Web3 Academy community.

Who Will Receive The Web3 Academy NFT and Access The Community?

This community is for the DOers.For the creators, the entrepreneurs and the marketers who are actually DOING something in Web3.It’s also for the above people who are serious about figuring out what to DO in Web3, if you haven’t started doing yet.It is not for the traders, the shillers, and the “talkers”. We don’t want fluff in this community.We want the Web3 Academy community to be a place where we Get Shit Done and help each other achieve greatness and build a better world.A community where you can go to get answers, to get connected and to share ideas.That’s what we want for the Web3 Academy Community.If that’s what you want, please complete the survey below to receive your free Web3 Academy NFT and get ongoing access into the Web3 Academy Discord.

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Thank you Web3 DOers for being part of the Web3 Academy Community and joining us along the Web3 journey.Excited to see where things move next!

Kyle ReidheadFounder of Web3 Academy & Impact Digital MarketingTwitter

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