March 9, 2022

Web3 DOer Spotlight | Devin Sawyer | The Defiant | Legends of Cypher NFT | Bankless DAO

Gm DOers!

This Web3 DOer spotlight was one for the books!

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Our Web3 DOer Spotlight guest this week is Devin Sawyer.  Devin launched The Defiant's referral/NFT rewards system, was part of the genesis of Bankless DAO (one of the largest DAOs in the space), and founded the Legends of Cypher NFT.

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DAOs, NFT Reward Systems, Referral Programs, and Creating a Futuristic Universe

After venturing down the Web3 rabbit hole, Devin realized that crypto was more than a new currency, it was “a new financial system being developed from the ground up that enabled self sovereign ownership of your assets.” 

He then moved full time into Web3 – bringing his experience as a Marketing Executive in traditional finance with over two decades of digital marketing and commerce experience.

Devin walks us through what it was like developing and working in the Marketing Guild at Bankless DAO, and the importance of structure and voting mechanics within a DAO.  

He then talks about his current work with The Defiant (a leading Web3/DeFi multimedia news platform),  giving a detailed breakdown of how he was able to develop an NFT reward system and referral program to boost growth of The Defiant.

Lastly, he tells us about his most recent venture, Legends of Cypher NFT.  With Legends of Cypher, Devin and his team have created a science fiction universe that takes place 10,000 years in the future.  The story will be told using a variety of different mediums, including physical and digital books, comics, and films. 

Their goal is to build community around the story.  They’re planning on doing this by using what they call “Story Mining” which will allow holders of the NFT to create, develop, vote, and shape the storyline for future books.

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