March 2, 2022

Web3 DOer Spotlight | Raquel Ramirez of Coindesa DAO and Fierro Viejo NFT

Gm DOers!

The community is growing, and we could not be happier to have you all here with us!  We now have 78 Web3 DOers in our Discord!

It has been extremely inspiring to see members of the community come together to share their knowledge, tell their stories, and see connections already being developed.

We want this community to be one of taking action.  Not just talking about Web3, but actually DOing.

With that, we bring you the very first episode of our Web3 DOer Spotlight!  

The Web3 DOer Spotlight is an interview with real DOers in the Web3 space.  Real people, that have launched real projects.  We want to share their story so we can all learn from their experiences – What has worked for them, what roadblocks they have run into, and their plans for what’s next.

This first interview is with Raquel Ramirez.  Raquel, known as "La Condesa de La Condesa", is leading the iconic Mexico based NFT project Fierro Viejo, hosts weekly Web3 meetups in Mexico City, and recently minted 100M Coindesa coins to serve as the treasury for a community DAO. 

You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

Community Building With Web3

Raquel is a true community builder.

She has been utilizing Web3 tools to help build community and make a real impact for the people and culture in Condesa, Mexico City. 

She walks us through the creation of the Coindesa DAO, and how it is being used to incentivize engagement in the community with local events, businesses, artists, and meetups.  With the minting of 100 million Coindesa coins, Raquel explains the different utilities and benefits that having a token provide.

Raquel is also doing amazing work utilizing NFTs to support local Mexico City artists.  With the creation of her NFT project, Fierro Viejo, she is incorporating one of the most iconic (and hilarious) memes in Mexico City, while also educating the artists on Web3 tools and how they can benefit from them.

On the topic of NFTs, we talk about different use cases, strategies, and how they will continue to evolve.

Check out the episode to learn more!

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