March 4, 2023

Web3 Gaming is About to Go Mainstream

GM DOers!

We’re back again with an edition of how to bribe users to use your platform! 

KIDDING! We’re all about providing value so that you return with joy and an open heart. ❤️

Though that can’t be said about NFT Marketplaces, who indeed bribe users with airdrops so they opt for their platforms.

Apart from legal, yet unsustainable bribing, in today’s Rollup, we’re talking about:

  • Chart Of The Week 📈

  • Coindesk’s Consensus conference issues NFT ticketing 🎟️

  • Unity building out the web3 gaming infrastructure 🎮

  • Yuga Labs launching collection on Bitcoin 🙈

  • DAO Of The Month. Hint: golf 🏌️

Let’s get it, frens 👇

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Chart of the Week

Why do NFT Marketplace tokens tank? (As you can see on the chart below)

Because that’s what happens when you give away free tokens. Of course people will sell. Especially the ones that got thousands or even hundreds of thousands of $$$.

People in crypto often make the mistake of investing in a token, because they like the team or product behind it. Though that’s not enough. A company can be doing wonders, but if they don’t have good tokenomics in place that would reflect their actions in the token price, then it’s useless. 

Because we’re your crypto/web3 buddy who keeps you away from fads and illegitimate information, we’ll share the 3 questions you should ask yourself before apeing into these tokens:

  1. Does the token have utility? I.e. Can you do something with it to your benefit?

  2. Are people incentivized to hold the airdrop? This comes back to question 1.

  3. Are people incentivized to buy more of the token?

If the answer is NO to the questions above, then you should think twice about investing in ANY token, not just airdropped tokens. 

In Thursday’s PRO Report, we went deep into the tokenomics of $BLUR, $X2Y2 and $LOOKS.

If you’re curious about it, we recommend you check out our latest PRO Report.

And remember, giving people money (airdrops) creates short-term loyalty – which is not loyalty at all. 🙂

Coindesk’s Consensus Conference Issues NFT Tickets

This came later than we expected, but we’ll embrace it nonetheless. 

NFT ticketing – especially at crypto conferences – makes all the sense in the world. Why?

Because hosts can now unlock diverse IRL and digital experiences that were never possible with regular, boring web2 tickets.

And Consensus – one of the biggest crypto conferences out there – took the first step. But how’s it going?

Consensus issued a collection of 1000 NFTs that offer a three-year Pro pass access (worth $2k) to Consensus, yearly on-the-ground exclusives, additional partner benefits and more.

The price of the NFT is 1.5ETH (~$2.3k).

And the most interesting take is that Consensus partnered with artist Fahad Karim to make the NFT art. So not only do they act as tickets, they’re also collectibles! 

This is similar to what Gary Vee did with VeeFriends (granted 3-year access to VeeCon). Though Gary’s art is questionable. 😂

But how’s the mint going? Let’s look on chain OpenSea.

Despite being live for a few days now, there were only 28 tickets minted, by 26 unique owners (each wallet can mint 2). So demand for these tickets is, surprisingly, not there.

Nevertheless, we believe that experimenting with NFT tickets at crypto conferences just makes sense, because most people attending will be comfortable with the tech. 

More comfortable than those going to Taylor Swift concerts, anyway!

Unity Added ‘Decentralization’ Category in its Asset Store

I assume you don’t know who Unity is. They’ve only just built Subway Surfers, Pokemon GO & Call Of Duty (mobile).

Well, not them. Unity is a cross-platform game engine, particularly popular for iOS and Android mobile game development.

Unity is considered easy to use for beginner developers, and is popular for indie game development.

In other words, Unity provides developers with the necessary tools to build great games. And they now added web3 tools to their tool-kit. 

Algorand, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, ImmutableX, Solana, Tezos, and MetaMask count among the 13 tools integrated in Unity. 

Now, any gaming dev can go to Unity to build their game and easily integrate MetaMask into the game. 

We always envision games being built from scratch, but with Unity, that’s not the case as you can seamlessly integrate with tools without the additional struggles. 

This is a huge step for web3 gaming towards becoming mainstream because this now allows web2 gaming devs to integrate web3 features in existing web2 games.

Building gaming infrastructure is boring, unless you’re nerdy like we are. 

So, in more fun gaming news, Mongraal, a PRO Fortnite player who came #1 in Yuga’s Dookey Dash game, sold his golden key (the one he got for being first) for a whopping $1.6M to a billionaire entrepreneur who owns a recycling company. 

Now, every teenager sits there and thinks how on earth they can get to play these NFT based games to make some cash.

Meme Of The Week

Yuga Labs Launches Collection on Bitcoin

TwelveFold. That’s the name of Yuga’s newest collection on Bitcoin. 

This is a 300 piece collection with generative art inscribed on satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The art serves as “a visual allegory for the cartography of data on the Bitcoin blockchain.”

The team at Yuga promised a mint this week, and said more information would follow 24h before the mint. We’re still waiting but expecting the mint to happen this weekend.

If you want one of the 300 pieces, you’ll need some BTC in your Bitcoin wallet because all bids will be made in sats. 

In other news, the total amount of Bitcoin NFT inscriptions (mints) has surpassed the threshold of 200k. People are slowly flocking to Bitcoin NFTs, which are likely led by FOMO, not something we encourage at Web3 Academy.

👀🔛⛓️ Web3 Academy PRO: The way to level up in Web3.

We hate to admit it but scams and fads are common in web3. After all, it’s a nascent industry that’s only been around for a few years.

However, due to the transparent nature of this industry, we can verify stuff ourselves to stay safe. We don’t need to trust centralized entities anymore.

We can look on-chain (👀🔛⛓️) to determine what’s winning and what’s not so we can all thrive and capitalize on legit opportunities that arise from this industry.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Web3 Academy PRO! We’re looking on-chain to see which businesses and technologies are winning in web3 and we share our findings with you each Thursday through an actionable report.

Are you ready to level up your understanding of web3?

DAO Of The Month

We are thrilled to announce that LinksDAO has won our DAO Of The Month poll – by a landslide!

This forward-thinking community of golf enthusiasts in web3 is revolutionizing the modern golf and leisure club by building the world's greatest golf community. 

Recently, the members of the DAO approved a bid to acquire the Machrihanish Golf Club in Scotland, one of the best links courses in the world. 

The bidding process is set to take place in the coming weeks, and LinksDAO will compete with other potential buyers to acquire the course. 

If successful, the DAO plans to use the course for golf-related events and as a location for the development of golf-related technologies. 

This move by LinksDAO is yet another example of how DAOs are disrupting traditional finance and investment models by making real-world investments. 

Congratulations to LinksDAO on this exciting development!

Numbers to Know


That’s the amount of vendors that now accept Shiba Inu as a for of payment in the state of Georgia. Source


That’s the amount of NFTs that were sold by NFT whale Machi Big Brother. This was likely a wash trade to farm the upcoming BLUR airdrop. Source


That’s the amount of followers Kyle needs to cross the 10k mark on Twitter. Let’s collectively help him by giving him a follow.

Other Web3 News

  • Hennessy introduces their web3 brand called H3NSY. Source

  • All Lens data is now available on public BigQuery dataset, making it more transparent. Source

  • Leah Lamarr live auctions comedy NFTs at ETH Denver. Source

  • EA founder joins web3 gaming developer company. Source

  • Base extends free mint window. Source

  • Visa says it’s not slowing down plans on crypto products. Source

  • DeGods, y00ts and Pudgy Penguins community members host party at NFT Paris. Source

  • Top companies agree to create Japan metaverse economic zone. Source

  • Doodles announces Genesis Box info. Source

  • MultiversX launches xPortal, a new web3 wallet with great UX. Source

  • GTA 6 rumours say it will include in-game cryptocurrency. Source



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