February 27, 2022

Web3 News Weekly Rollup: Crypto Regulation | OpenSea Attack | Adoption of Digital Assets | Puma.ETH

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Welcome to the first issue of the Web3 Academy Newsletter! This is where we compile the important information from the Web3 Academy and share it with you. If you have questions, feedback or need anything else, please hit us up in the Discord!To start things off, we have a new episode of the Web3 News Weekly Rollup. We discussed Ukraine, Opensea hacks, the adoption of digital assets, Puma.ETH and more!

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The Weekly Rollup TL;DR

We started off this week's episode with a legendary response from the team over at Nunchuck (a self custody wallet provider) to a request they received from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to disclose user information and freeze user's Bitcoin:

A Move to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

In an effort to regulate cryptocurrencies in the US, it was announced that Joe Biden would issue an executive order that would ask all government agencies to begin producing reports on the future of cryptocurrencies and suggest regulating these assets.Source

Fortune 50 Companies Push to Hire Web3 Positions

This week there was a huge push to hire Web3 job positions with some of the largest companies in the world. The list included Nike, Hulu, VISA, Meta, Apple, Nvidia, Disney, PayPal, Google, Fidelity, Amazon, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Mastercard, State Street, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America… #ProbablyNothing 👀

$3 Million Stolen In OpenSea Phishing Attack

OpenSea was the target of a phishing attack that resulted in more than $3 million worth of stolen NFTs. Among the NFTs that were stolen were some of the bigger projects in the space including Bored Apes, Azuki and CloneX.Source

Charting the Rate of Adoption of Digital Assets

Raul Pal, Founder and CEO of Real Vision, shared some charts to show the rate of adoption of digital assets based on the number of Google searches for each term:





Web 3.0:


PUMA changed their name to PUMA.eth following in the steps of other large brands like Adidas. Wen NFT? As a global brand, this is a huge move, and will likely introduce a whole new audience to Web3.

Web3 Academy Discord Highlights

Check out the Advertising Web3 thread in the General-Chat for some insights on crypto/web3 related ads on social and search platforms. We also touched on where this may go in the future as platforms become more focused on user privacy and decentralization.

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