March 5, 2022

Web3 News Weekly Rollup: Web3 Impact On Russia and Ukraine | Advertising In Web3 | NFT of the Month

Gm DOers!

We hope you all have had an amazing week!

We've really enjoyed seeing you all participating in the Discord and joining in on the live events!

This week has been a great reminder of the power, creativity, and desire to make a difference that flows through the Web3 community.In this episode we talk about:

  • How Web3 is making an impact on the war between Russia and Ukraine

  • Advertising in Web3

  • Our first NFT of the month, and more.

You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

How Web3 Is Impacting The War Between Russia And Ukraine

Over the course of the last week, $40 Million in crypto has been raised for Ukraine by nearly 75,000 individual donations!  

This really highlights some of the strengths of Web3 including cross-border payments, decentralization, speed, and the community’s passion for coming together to make positive change in the world.

Another example of how crypto is truly making a change during these times can be seen in this tweet from a Ukrainian citizen who shares his experience with losing the ability to use his Ukrainian credit cards and access his savings.  He points out that “crypto is the only money I still have.”  He even goes as far as to say that crypto is going to save his life while he cannot return home.

Again, we see the speed, scale, and impact that Web3 provides with this NFT project that resulted in over $1 Million raised for the people of Ukraine in just 30 seconds!

Coinbase NFT

Coinbase NFT now has over 3.7 million sign ups for their upcoming NFT marketplace.  For reference, OpenSea which is the largest NFT marketplace, currently has just over 1 million users.  It’s looking like a huge wave of new users are going to be entering the NFT space soon.

NFT of the Month

Our first NFT of the month is Bakery DAO.  Bakery DAO uses NFTs as a membership that grants holders access to 8 different platforms including a newsletter, Discord, website, videos, and other content.  In the current PFP dominated NFT landscape, it’s refreshing to see a project providing real utility to their community.

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