March 26, 2022

Web3 Rollup: Yuga Labs | The Future of NFTs & Crypto | Bitcoin Island | Web3 Person of the Month

Gm DOers!

Another incredible week in Web3 as you'll learn in this weeks Web3 Rollup!

But first, the Web3 Academy community continues to grow and in last weeks Monday Meet Up we shared a first look at the whitepaper and roadmap for the potential W3 DAO. Join this upcoming Monday at 4pm EST if you're interested in learning more or getting involved!

Now for the Web3 Rollup. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Yuga Labs massive seed funding round

  • The future of NFTs

  • The Web3 Person of the Month – Katie Haun

You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

Yuga Labs is INSANE!

Yuga Labs made headlines again this week after closing on a $450 million seed funding round.  This made it the largest valuation ever for a seed-round investment.  #ProbablyNothing

If you want a glimpse into the preparation that goes into something at that scale, their entire pitch deck was leaked.  The pitch deck can be seen in this Twitter Thread.

The Future of NFTs is more than PFPs

Although the majority of NFT projects are currently PFPs (profile pictures), the real value lies in the utility NFTs can provide to a business or brand.  Kyle explains how people should begin to think about NFTs as it relates to supporting your business, brand, or community.

Two examples touched on were Bitcoin Island and VeeFriends.

Bitcoin Island is a 1.1 square mile private island for crypto enthusiasts.  They are planning to incorporate property, real estate, and visas as NFTs.

VeeFriends in an NFT project created by Gary Vaynerchuk.  He incorporated utility by giving holders access to his annual VeeCon conference, which currently has 130 of the biggest names in the web3 space lined up as speakers.

Gary has big plans for the future of the project.  He hopes to build the next Disney, by creating IP and a brand around VeeFriend – turning the NFTs into characters in movies, shows, or comic books.

The Future of Web3?

In a report released by Accenture, this chart shows a timeline of what has happened to date, and projections of what is to come in web3.

A few projections to note:

  • By 2024: Plans are announced for first blockchain-based international trade agreement.

  • By 2028: A major fashion retailer’s NFT products begin to outsell its physical goods.

  • By 2030: In China, common items like deeds, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates are certified on a blockchain.

  • By 2031: European Commission classifies new category of workers who spend 100% of time in the metaverse workspace.

Web3 Person of the Month

Katie Haun has raised the largest fund ever by a solo VC.  Katie was able to raise a $1.5 Billion crypto fund in which she has allocated $500 million to go to seed capital, and $1 billion to go towards acceleration and later stage capital investments.

Fun fact: Before becoming an investor, Katie was a federal prosecutor on the Silk Road case.

Katie Haun's TwitterKatie's Website

Web3 Academy Discord Highlights

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