March 8, 2023

Web3’s Unicorn Blocked By Apple

GM DOers!

Uniswap is being bullied 😔

Big tech and Big Gov are using their power to stifle innovation (what’s new?)

Web3’s great Unicorn (Uniswap) is about to launch the greatest next step in Web3 UX… but can’t.

Well they sort of can…

But Apple is waging a war with Uniswap and its new mobile wallet (this thing is sick), seeking to force them to give ye old man Apple his piece of the 💰 pie…or something?

No one really knows, as Apple’s been ghosting them. 👻

So what’s the situation now? And does any of this make sense? Is the SEC involved?

Strap in and get ready to receive your quick fix of the latest news in web3.

Let’s boogie… 🕺

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First SEC, Now Apple? Uniswap Can’t Catch a Break…

As usual, institutions and web2 tech giants keep getting in the way of web3 adoption.

Uniswap has just dropped their new sleek mobile wallet with the ability to trade tokens and NFTs directly inside it (more on the details of the wallet in a second…).

So far, the mobile wallet has been launched on Apple’s TestFlight app Beta testing platform, with 10,000 users given the chance to try it out, but Apple is not letting it on the App Store. What gives?!

At the moment, we don’t know, as Apple won’t respond to Uniswap. They simply won’t pass the app through. It’s stuck in Beta.

We already know that Apple has been causing problems with Coinbase Wallet and OpenSea, forcing them to remove NFT transactions in their own apps (unless they pay 30% of the gas fees for each transaction? Lol what?).

So it’s likely this could be the cause, considering Uniswap also has its own NFT marketplace inside.

Whatever the reason is, we need big tech and big gov to start acting like adults and start communicating, transparently.

Is that really too much to ask?

SEC vs. $UNI

In case you missed the beef between SEC and $UNI last year, let’s get you up-to-speed before we dive into the features of the new Uniswap Wallet.

Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange, has one of the best web3 businesses in the space hands down, earning tons of revenue, solving a real problem and providing a great product. 

It could also have the best token if it turned on revenue share to its token holders… 

However, it can't do that because the SEC has already once given Uniswap a Wells notice, and is trying to make $UNI a security (which it might be if they shared revenue).

While the SEC has jurisdiction over Uniswap Labs, the US-based company that started Uniswap, it technically doesn’t have it over the Uniswap DAO, which is the entity that governs the $UNI token.

This is a major gray area right now and a precedent we haven’t really set yet. As a result, the $UNI token can't be what it could be, what it's meant to be…

IMO, it would be a game changer for this industry if they turned on revenue share. 

We would finally have a token, in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users who can govern (already happening) and earn revenue from a technology! 🚀

For now, we will have to wait patiently for the SEC to provide clearer regulation before we can have our cake and eat it too.

The Wallet That Could Take Web3 Mainstream

Uniswap’s mobile wallet is not just another crypto wallet. They’ve done their homework, and it shows.

Not only is the wallet’s UX phenomenal, on par with web2 apps, but it also packs a serious feature, safety, and ease-of-use punch that is set to launch Uniswap Mobile Wallet at the top of the web3 wallet list.

We believe that this is the wallet that can potentially be a game-changer for web3 mainstream adoption.

Why? Because Uniswap has figured out the secret sauce for a powerful yet beginner-friendly wallet that offers:

✅ Cross-device notifications, FaceID unlock, seed phrase backups on iCloud (easy self-custody!)

✅ Favorite tokens and wallets to stay up to date on trends and activity

✅ Discovering top tokens by market cap, price charts, or volume (effectively removing the need for CryptoMarketCap or CoinGecko)

✅ Seamless token swapping and switching between different networks without having to manually add them

✅ Explore web3 by easily connecting to any dApp with WalletConnect

We are absolutely floored by this wallet release, and sincerely hope that Apple will come to its senses and let the web3 ecosystem flourish without interference. 

Will that happen? Only time will tell…

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