April 15, 2024

🥛 What happened to prices this weekend?! 🤬

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Bitcoin is so much more than you think.

GM, this is the Milk Road. Your venti triple shot espresso of crypto.

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • What happened to prices over the weekend?! 🥊

  • 3 big things to watch this week 👀

  • Is RWA the biggest opportunity in crypto right now? 🤑

  • More Bitcoin ETFs are coming! 🍪


 Crypto got hit with a haymaker…

  • BTC dropped from $71K → $61K

  • ETH plummeted from $3.5K → $2.9K

  • Many altcoins crashed 30% or more

The result? Well, here’s what my portfolio looks like right now…

So, what happened? A mix of a few things…

1/ International conflict: Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of drones/missiles over the weekend. 

These events usually lead to panic and big sell-offs of risky assets, like crypto. (i.e. similar price crashes happened during the Russia/Ukraine War, etc)

2/ Yearly ‘U.S. tax day’ sell-offs: It’s Tax Day in the U.S. and Americans usually sell their crypto 2-3 days before payments are due to try to raise money to pay their taxes. 

3/ The Bitcoin Halving: While this is usually a bullish event for BTC, there have also historically been short-term sell-offs right before (and after) the Halving. 

On top of that, there were a ton of…

4/ Liquidations: Over $2B in futures positions (mostly investors betting on higher prices) were liquidated over the weekend. 

Mix the 4 events together and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. We’ll see if crypto can bounce back throughout the week….

In the meantime, let’s ease the pain with some memes:


This halving is different. 

Building on Bitcoin has experienced a revival over the past year. New builders, investors, and users are recognizing the unique opportunity to activate and enrich the Bitcoin economy.

Consequently, interest in Bitcoin-based protocols like Lightning, Stacks, Ordinals, and others is rapidly growing.

Join us live on April 25th, 2024 for the free-to-attend virtual Building on Bitcoin event — it’s your time to dive deeper into Bitcoin + AI, DeFi, Stacking, Ordinals, rollups, and more.

The event will feature exclusive announcements about the Stacks Nakamoto Release, Bitcoin L2s, and more.

Speakers include Stacks Creator Muneeb Ali, Meltem Demirors, Rootstock's Daniel Fogg, BOB Founder Alexei Zamyatin, Near Protocol’s Illia Polosukhin, and many others.

Sign up today to reserve your spot!


1/ The Bitcoin Halving

Crypto’s next big event is right around the corner… The Bitcoin Halving

It happens every 4 years and the next one is expected to happen this week, on April 20th. (also known as ‘Herbal Appreciation Day’, for those who celebrate)

OK, so what is it?

  • The Bitcoin Halving is when mining rewards get cut in half. 

  • In 2009, you used to get 50 BTC for mining 1 block. Then it got cut to 25 BTC. Then 12.5 BTC. 

  • Right now, the reward is 6.25 BTC. After the Halving, it’ll be reduced to 3.125 BTC.

  • This will keep happening until all 21M BTC have been mined (expected some time in 2140).

Why does the Bitcoin Halving matter? It slows down inflation from the new BTC being mined. 

At current prices, the original issuance of 50 BTC would add ~$3.2M of new supply to circulation every 10 minutes. This would significantly devalue BTC.

And it’s why the Halving is such a big deal.

Now, for a lot of you, this might be your first Halving event. You might have questions. You might be scared. You might’ve just peed yourself. 

Well, have no fear… here’s why we think it’s part of the bull case for Bitcoin in the near term.

2/ Key macro events

3/ Token Unlocks 

A total of $390.9M will be unlocked this week… 

  • Arbitrum (ARB) will unlock $115.8M (3.49% of circulating supply) on April 16.

  • Axie Infinity (AXS) will unlock $80.5M (7.59% of circulating supply) on April 17.

  • Immutable X (IMX) will unlock $77.6M (2.40% of circulating supply) on April 18.

Check out the rest of the unlocks here

P.S. – if you’re curious how token unlocks affect prices, check out this edition.


Real estate, art, stocks, and other RWAs are moving onchain because the benefits are massive:  fractional ownership, instant transfer of possession, worldwide access, etc…

Even if just 1% of these assets move onchain, the Milk Man will be ballin’ and so will you! 💸 

And because the opportunity is so high, we decided to sit down with John Mullin, CEO of Mantra—an L1 blockchain focusing on RWA regulation. We cover:

  • The RWA narrative

  • The potential for tokenized assets

  • What led Mantra’s token ($OM) to go up 1,000% in Q1

  • The business model of Mantra

Tune in if you want to capitalize on the opportunity of RWAs.

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Honeyland just announced a Play to Earn Airdrop. The popular mobile game with over 21,000 daily players is airdropping "multi-millions" of $HXD to players in June.*

A handful of BTC and ETH ETFs in Hong Kong have received conditional approval. The news comes just months after the first spot Bitcoin ETFs launched in the U.S. (Step aside TSwift, there’s a new global star taking over)

Digital asset investment products saw $126M in outflows last week. According to analysts, “investors are seemingly hesitant since the positive price momentum has stalled”.

Adidas is teaming up with Stepn to launch a new NFT collection. The 1000-piece collection is based on some of Adidas’ “most iconic running silhouettes” and will launch on April 17. 

Germany’s largest federal bank, LBBW, announced it will start offering crypto custody services later this year. The bank is partnering up with Bitpanda, which will provide LBBW with “Investment-as-a-Service” infrastructure to “store and procure cryptocurrencies” – like BTC and ETH. 

Uniswap Labs hiked its swap fees from 0.15% → 0.25%. Users can also avoid the fee by using an alternative interface to access Uniswap. All other trades on mainnet and supported Layer 2 networks are subject to the hiked fee.

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