August 17, 2022

🥛 Why is this new project getting so much traction? A peek inside…

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  • Wtf is Sudoswap and why everyone is talking about it

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I've been seeing one thing all over my timeline – Sudoswap. It's the new NFT marketplace being called the "Uniswap of NFTs". 

I know I know. Everyone and their momma are dropping a new marketplace…

So what makes this one different? Well, for one – it's getting traction. Something most new marketplaces can't say.

According to Dune Analytics, Sudoswap..

  • did ~$2m in sales yesterday alone. That's ~14% of the daily market share vs OpenSea

  • added over 10k users

  • traded over 60k NFTs on its platform

All in under a month.  

So, why are people liking it? Well, there are 3 problems with NFTs right now..

  • They’re super illiquid. Meaning the only way to sell it is to have someone on the other end buy it from you

  • Most exchanges like OpenSea and LooksRare aren’t truly decentralized. They have their order books off-chain in a database they’re hosting

  • Listings need to be adjusted manually. i.e I can’t tell OpenSea to raise the price of my listing if others below it are being bought

Sudoswap solves this by letting anyone become their own marketplace.

  • NFT trading is done through liquidity pools. Meaning you can immediately liquidate your NFT by selling it to one of the liquidity pools. No more waiting around for a buyer to take that jpeg of your hands

  • Everything is completely on-chain. All data & transactions are available on the blockchain

  • Users can make their own liquidity pools and set their own rules. You can set different criteria like making it so every time there’s a sale in the collection, your other listings go up in price too

  • On top of it, there are fewer fees on Sudoswap. They only take 0.5% from each transaction and they don't pay out any creator fees (a hot topic recently).

The Milk Road's Take: Sudoswap still has a long way to go to catch up to Opensea, but it's an interesting concept. It provides instant liquidity if you need it and gives a lot more flexibility when it comes to trading NFTs.

Something we'll be keeping our eyes on for sure.


Ok, hear me out. You’re halfway through reading the Milk Road. You’re laughing, milk’s coming out your nose, and you’re having the time of your life.

Your phone buzzes with a new notification… you just received a $15m offer on a website domain you own –

What’s your move?

A/ Is this even a question? Sell that sh*t!

B/ Hodl! It will be worth more when NFTs get bigger

C/ Call mommy for help

Respond to this email below to let us know what you'd do! We’ll pick a few lucky winners to win some of the first ever batch of Milk Road stickers 👀

BTW – yes, someone has to make this decision in real life. Jason Falovitch (co-founder of the NFT Instagram account) is the one that needs to decide. We'll send him your answers too!


How did this hedge fund return 66% per year?

If you invested $10,000 in Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion in 1988, you’d cash out in 2018 with a cool $200,000,000.

Their secret sauce? "Quantitative Investing."

Instead of hiring slick-talking Wall Street suits, Medallion is run by an army of computer scientists, mathematicians, and neural engineers that specialize in quantitative investing that eliminates human biases (fear, greed, FOMO).

Unless you are a PHD-wielding, Python-coding, Excel-Wizard…that type of quant-trading has been out of reach. Until now…

Composer gives you the financial firepower to easily drag, drop, edit and swap quant-investing strategies from scratch – no engineering degree required.

They even have a library of expertly vetted strategies to choose from like: Buy the Dips Nasdaq, The Buffett, and The Dalio.

Stop trading on impulse and start quant-investing with Composer today.*


Over the last 9 months, 40 of the top 100 public companies have invested ~$6b into web3 companiesGoogle led the way in total funding (~$1.5b). Samsung made the most investments (13).

Report: Celsius’ CEO sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of BTC and bought it for a loss a day later. Apparently, Alex decided to take over the company's trading strategy and ignored all the experts on his team. 

Coinbase announces they will pause ETH deposits and withdrawals during the Ethereum Merge next month. 

CoinFund is launching a new $300m Web3 fund. The goal is to make larger bets into early-stage web3 companies.

Lil Miquela, a virtual influencer, has inked a partnership deal to become the new face of PacSun. It’s the first big deal for a virtual influencer aka a VR character

XP, Brazil's largest brokerage, has launched a crypto trading platform. Over 3.6m users will now have the ability to trade BTC & ETH.



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