December 31, 2021

Why Mr. Beast Bought 8 Cryptopunks!

ETH: $3,659 ( -1.88% ) | This Year: +395% | This Month: -20.7%

Wallets Are Exploding

Metamask solves two of the most annoying things on the web: 

1) Log in to any website (without making up usernames, passwords, or entering in your date of birth) 

2) Pay for stuff (without entering a credit card) 

Adoption is surging. 10M active wallets! One interesting thing, the United States is the 2nd most active country. Philippines is 1st (they are using DeFi and playing Axie Infinity).

Btw if you’re keeping score, it took paypal 3 years to get to 10M members, and Metamask is on that same trajectory.

Fun fact, Metamask was founded inside Consensys (essentially a big consulting company and incubator founded by Joseph Lubin – one of the creators of Ethereum).

Meme of the Day

The Secret Call That Helped Cryptopunks Go Big

Cryptopunks are the world’s most valuable NFT collection…even Jay-Z has one.

Right now, you can get one for the price of 67E (~$253,000).

How did it get so much hype? Well, partly because it’s the OG NFT project, but also because of a secret zoom call with Gary V, Logan Paul & 30 other rich dudes.

What happened on the call?

Gary V told everyone, I’m tellin ya, cryptopunks are going to be huge. Like investing in facebook. Go buy some. I’m telling you. Go buy some.

Everyone thought Gary was nuts… but his conviction pulled him in. Mr Beast and Logan Paul bought “a bunch” (~8 each) just in case Gary was right.

Spend  3 minutes and watch this YouTube Video

Last but not least…A Random Photo Of Vitalik 

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