October 13, 2023

🥛 Would you live on Crypto Island? 🏝️

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GM. This is Milk Road, where the crypto insights hit harder than the Cha-Cha Slide at a school dance. Slide to the left!

It’s Friday. And we wanna end the week on a good note.

So today, no FTX. No fkSBF. No drama.

Here’s what we got for ya instead:

  • Would you live on Crypto Island?🏝️

  • ENS names: hidden investment opportunity? 🧐

  • NBA players, a crypto video game, and NFTs 🍪


Check it out. I just came across this cool island….Palau.

  • Located in the western Pacific Ocean. (near the Philippines)

  • One of the smallest countries in the world.

  • Small, but mighty views.

Check out the views…

But as beautiful as Palau is, it still has 2 main problems:

1/ Tourism makes up a lot of its economy. And since COVID-19 hit, Palau has struggled to recover.


2/ Getting access to physical money is difficult. The cost of transporting pennies, quarters, nickels, and dimes often costs more than the money being transported itself.

The solution: crypto.

Which is why Palau is on a mission to become “Crypto’s Island.”.

And it recently launched a Digital Residency Program to help.

Here’s how it works:

1/ You apply for a Web3 ID. (i.e. a real ID backed by the republic of Palau)

2/ If approved, you get a physical government-issued ID as well as a digital NFT version.

3/ This government-issued ID comes with perks like:

  • Can be used for KYC on most major exchanges

  • Can be used for ID verification for hotels, California DMV, registrations, Costco/CVS purchases, etc

  • 0% income tax and 0% cap gains

  • 6+ months of physical residency

Plus, Palau gets to benefit from:

1/ An additional source of revenue from digital residency fees.

2/ Increased tourism. (i.e. if people get physical residency on the island, it could incentivize residents to spend some time of the year there)

3/ Access to crypto-minded people who can help build the infrastructure to actually become a future “crypto island”.

Milk Road Take: The jury is still out on whether this’ll work or not, but it’s recently gotten traction, and big names like…

  • Tim Draper (billionaire investor)

  • Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum and our Lanky King)

…have already become digital residents of Palau.

So I’m curious… would you? Click on your answer below.


It’s no secret that token management gets complicated.

Between learning the crypto language and the tax obligations, token management can feel like an obstacle course.

But it doesn’t have to. That’s where Toku steps in.


  • Provides practical tools to handle token grants, allowing for effective oversight of token distributions for employees, contractors, advisors and investors.

  • Guides you through the token grant process with legal templates, vesting tracking, reporting, and tax management.

  • Handles all grant types – Token Purchase Agreements, Token Options, Restricted Token Grants, phantom tokens, you name it.

The cherry on top? They also handle payroll, tax compliance, reporting needs and can integrate with any payroll/EOR providers in any jurisdiction.

Save time, money, and be compliant by working with Toku.


I’ll say it… the basics of crypto are still way too complicated.

Just look at crypto wallets:

  • Everyone needs one.

  • It’s how people send/receive crypto.

  • But wallet addresses are super long and too complicated to remember.

For example, this is Milk Road’s Public Wallet address: 0x455419210c0E31cC1aDEF14e1c8db81f1Dc80A83.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I was only blessed with a double-digit IQ…

So when it comes to memorizing that long-ass address or memorizing, let’s say, the lyrics to the Fresh Prince theme song. Well…

But there’s a solution…. Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

It lets you replace that super long, 40+ character address with an easier-to-remember name. Think of it like a website domain but for your crypto wallet.

So this week, we went out and registered themilkroad.eth to our Public Wallet address.

Now instead of having to use this…

We can use this…

The cherry on top? ENS domains could be a money-making opportunity.

You see, when the internet came out, some people invested in website domains.

The result? They made millions of dollars.

Milky Fact of the Day: Michael Saylor (aka Bitcoin’s Golden Boy) made over $100M selling website domain names like voice.com, angel.com, etc.

I repeat, over $100M. From website domains. Crazy.

And although the ENS domain game is still early on, there have been some big sales:

  • Paradigm.eth sold for $1.5M (the most expensive sale, by far)

  • 000.eth sold for $320K

  • Porno.eth sold for $200K

  • Opensea.eth sold for $162K

Does this mean you should go all-in on ENS names? No. None of this is financial advice.

But it is an alternative investment that a lot of people don’t really think about when they think of “digital assets”. And history has shown that the returns can be pretty lucrative.

Again, not financial advice. (my lawyer looks like he’s about Will Smith me so I had to repeat it.)

If you’re curious about learning more, check out our very own Guide to ENS Names.

And you can check out everything we’ve accomplished so far in our public wallet journey here.


Yesterday we asked you where you’d place yourself on this graph ☝️

The results are in… **drumroll**

  • 21.3% voted for hope – a recovery is possible

  • 17.5% voted for disbelief – this is a sucker’s rally

  • 17.4% voted for depression – money gone, retirement gone, what now

  • 16.8% voted for optimism – a rally is coming

Split crowd but looks like most Roaders are still holding strong. #BuiltDifferent


Rocketplace is enabling investors to buy an index of 50 top cryptos in one click. Offering an easy way to diversify your portfolio, while saving on time and fees.*

NBA players LaMelo and Lonzo Ball inked a deal with StrayShot (a web3 game) to become playable NFT characters. NFT’s 🤝 The Ball Family.

Ark Invest updated its Spot Bitcoin ETF filing in response to SEC feedback. Back and better than before.

The U.S. Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sued the former CEO of Voyager Digital for misleading customers. Boom. Another piece of crypto poop gets flushed down the toilet.

Uniswap announced it’s launching its Uniswap Wallet on Android soon. Congrats to the 40 Android users out there!

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