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  • October 4, 2022
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This is what we got cooking today:

  • What’s going on with Credit Suisse?
  • Kim K gets charged by the SEC
  • How Mr. Beast almost lost millions in Bitcoin
  • Meme of the day


Everyone knows Switzerland for three things:

1/ Roger Federer was born there

2/ They have damn good chocolate

3/ They like to stay neutral and out of trouble

Sounds great, huh?

But here's the thing... Switzerland is in trouble. And all eyes are on Credit Suisse, one of the biggest investment banks there. 

Here's why:

  • Credit Suisse has $900b in leveraged exposure. This is as much as the entire crypto industry combined
  • Credit Suisse shares have plummeted from $14.90 --> $3.90 over the last year. Buying a share is cheaper than a cup of coffee now
  • Credit Suisse's credit default swaps (CDS) have hit the highest level since 2008 aka people are betting that they will default

Translation: Credit Suisse is in serious trouble. And it's looking a lot like it did back in 2008 during the global financial crisis.

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While that’s going on, Deutsche Bank is also going through its own financial problems. 

And people are panicking because Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank have a combined $2.8T in AUM. 

To put that into perspective, that’s more than 4x what the Lehman Brothers held when they crashed and took the economy with them.

Will this be Lehman 2.0? Maybe. Maybe not. But it doesn't help that the Chairman for Credit Suisse is named Lehmann... talk about a coincidence.

On the bright side, this could potentially be a positive for crypto for 1 big reason:

In the words of the great Stanley Druckenmiller (billionaire & legendary investor), "Crypto could play a big role in a Renaissance because people just aren't going to trust the central banks."


I’ll never forget opening my first pack of sports cards. They were my “first love.”  But there was a problem... I couldn’t stop bending the edges and spilling my Capri-Sun on it.

So I was hyped when I heard Panini was getting into NFTs. And they just released some new packs last week. Introducing the 2021-22 Panini NFL Donruss Optic Football Packs. Each pack cost $10 and contains a mix of different tiered cards.

And to make it all more interesting, Panini has Set Challenges that can win you an additional NFT - like a Patrick Mahomes or a Tom Brady.

  • Base Rated Rookie – Trevor Lawrence – Users that have the full Base set in their accounts 30 days after the program launches will receive the Trevor Lawrence Donruss Optic Base Rated Rookie NFT
  • Base Aqua Parallel – Patrick Mahomes – Users that have the full Aqua Parallel set in their accounts 30 days after the program launches will receive the Patrick Mahomes Donruss Optic Base Aqua NFT
  • Base Red – Tom Brady - Users that have the full Red Parallel set in their accounts 30 days after the program launches will receive the Tom Brady Base Red NFT

Oh, baby! I can’t wait to get my hands on that Patrick Mahomes card…

Want in on the action? Join here!


Kim K is back in the spotlight. And no, it's not some Kim-Ye or Pete Davidson drama again.

This time she's been charged by the SEC for promoting crypto. 

Here's what happened: Back in June 2021, she posted an #ad on her Instagram story about a crypto token, Ethereum Max.

Kim K has 300m+ followers so this was by far the biggest crypto ad to date.

But there was one problem - she never disclosed that she got paid $250k to post it. 

And that's where Kim messed up. Now Gary Gensler and the SEC are coming after her for promoting a security token. 

So what now? Well, Kim has already agreed to settle the case…

  • She paid a $1.26m fine
  • She agreed to not promote crypto for at least 3 years
  • She will continue to work with the SEC in its investigation

And yes, I will be watching this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians whenever it comes out.


Mr. Beast has over 105M YouTube subscribers and has gotten over 17.5T views across all his videos. Yes, that's a T for TRILLION.

Well, he recently went on the Andrew Schulz podcast and told this crazy story about how he almost lost millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.

Ladies & gents, get your popcorn ready. It's only ~2 minutes long, but this one's a doozy.


That's a wrap for today. Stay thirsty & see ya tomorrow!

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