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April 15, 2024

🥛 What happened to prices this weekend?! 🤬

Today’s edition is brought to you by Stacks – the leading Bitcoin L2, celebrating the Bitcoin halving and L2 innovation with a free virtual Building on Bitcoin event. Bitcoin is so much more than you think. GM, this is the Milk Road. Your venti triple shot espresso of crypto. Here’s what we got for you ……

April 13, 2024

PRO | 5 Ways To Capitalize on Base’s Success

GM! This is Milk Road PRO, lightning up your email inbox each Saturday with a report that helps you invest successfully in crypto.  Today, we’re diving into Base, the Ethereum Layer 2 that’s having a big moment right now. In case you haven’t noticed, Base has become one of the most active blockchains in the ……

April 12, 2024

🥛 Weekly Recap: 3 big winners 🤑

Today’s edition is brought to you by ARCrypto – the DeFi education company trailblazing on-chain asset management. When you have a vision to change the world for the better, this is what it looks like. GM. This is the Milk Road. We’re like Costco, we serve you the best samples of crypto. Here’s what we ……

April 11, 2024

🥛 The War On DeFi Has Begun ⚔️

Today’s edition is brought to you by Cross Finance – a next-generation digital ecosystem that seamlessly integrates banking and blockchain with its L1 blockchain, dApps, and payment card. Experience the revolution today on CoinList! GM. This is Milk Road, the newsletter that gives you the same exhilarating feeling as popping your head out of a ……

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Crypto News

April 15, 2024

Crypto Investment Products Experience $126,000,000 Outflows

Crypto investment products saw minor outflows totaling $126 million last week, according to a report by CoinShares. The outflow occurred as investors appeared to be hesitant in the face of stalled positive price momentum. Despite a slight increase in overall volumes from $17 billion to $21 billion week-on-week, ETP/ETF activity dropped relative to the overall ……

April 15, 2024

UK Set to Introduce Comprehensive Crypto Regulation by July

The UK government is on track to introduce comprehensive legislation for the regulation of crypto assets by June or July, according to Economic Secretary Bim Afolami. Speaking at the Innovate Finance Global Summit on Monday, Afolami confirmed that the government is working swiftly to deliver the legislation that will bring a wide range of crypto-related ……

April 15, 2024

Solana Developers Release Software Update to Alleviate Network Congestion

The Solana developers have recommended a new software update, version 1.17.31, for general use by mainnet validators. The release, which aims to address the congestion problem that has plagued the popular blockchain in recent months, contains improvements designed to alleviate the ongoing network congestion. Key points: Read more: Hong Kong Approves Spot Bitcoin And Ethereum ……


Public Wallet

October 6, 2023

What Is A Crypto Index, And How Do You Invest In One?

The following guide walks readers through our own experience investing in a crypto index on the blockchain. It also educates readers on the terminology and things to be aware of when it comes to indices in general. Lastly, it breaks down how we invested in two indices step by step, so that readers will be comfortable doing so on their own. …

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Crypto Product Reviews

February 29, 2024

Hashlock Review 2024

The Bottom Line: Hashlock stands out in the blockchain security sector with its focus as a smart contract auditor and in-depth work tailored to each client’s needs. With a team of young yet experienced professionals, Hashlock has established itself as a reputable and trusted partner in the industry. Their active involvement in the Australian blockchain ……

February 27, 2024

Exodus Wallet Review 2024

The Bottom Line: Exodus Wallet provides a convenient and accessible way to manage coins and tokens across multiple blockchains with just one app. With this convenience come some limitations that may not be acceptable to veteran blockchain users. But, for newcomers, Exodus offers an easy-to-use interface, a fiat on-ramp, in-app swaps, and access to a ……

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