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May 29, 2024

Milk Road PRO AMA #2 – May 29, 2024

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May 29, 2024

🥛 This company just bought $40M in Bitcoin 📈

Today’s edition is brought to you by Stacks – the leading Bitcoin L2 gearing up for the largest update yet with the Stacks Nakamoto Release – Bitcoin is more than you think. Check out the top 8 DeFi Apps on Stacks. GM. This is Milk Road, making your hump day a whole lot smoother with the latest in crypto. 🐫 Here’s what we got for you today: Healthcare company goes big on Bitcoin 💰 Chart of the day: Weekly crypto fund flows 📊 PayPal USD now available on Solana 🍪…

May 28, 2024

🥛 Crypto election fever: Trump’s big promises 🗳️

Today’s edition is brought to you by Safe{Wallet} – a decentralized custody protocol and collective asset management platform that secures over $100 billion in digital a ssets with multi-layered security. Secure your digital future — explore Safe{Wallet} today. GM. This is Milk Road, delivering your daily crypto updates with more punch than an Ice Cube…

May 27, 2024

🥛 Big week ahead: Hold on to your milk jugs! 🚀

Today’s edition is brought to you by Gryphon Digital Mining – a fast-growing Bitcoin miner led by a team of industry veterans. Read a free report on Gryphon’s unique strategy today.* breaker GM. This is Milk Road, your morning shot of crypto espresso – short, strong, and packed with punchy news. Here’s what’s dripping today: 4 things to watch this week 👀 We’re hosting an AMA 🥛 Graph of the day: Re-evaluating Saylor’s investment 🧐 Building a cross-chain DEX as an anon 😵‍💫 $25M in Hush Money: FTX’s Whistleblower Blackmail 🍪…

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May 28, 2024

Semler Scientific Adopts Bitcoin as Primary Reserve, Buys $40M in BTC

Semler Scientific, a leading provider of technology products and services to healthcare providers, has made a major announcement regarding its financial strategy. The company’s board of directors has declared Bitcoin as its principal treasury reserve asset. The firm has signaled a strong belief in the cryptocurrency’s potential as a reliable store of value. Key points: ……

May 28, 2024

Mt. Gox Transfers 140,000 BTC, Triggering Bitcoin Price Drop

Wallets linked to the now-collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox have transferred over 140,000 BTC. The coins, valued at approximately $9 billion, were moved to an unknown address. The transactions initially raised concerns and also triggered a Bitcoin price drop. Key points: Mt. Gox was previously the world’s largest BTC exchange. However, it was shut down ……

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