June 7, 2024

🥛 $18.5T Ethereum market cap? VanEck’s bull target 🎯

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GM! This is Milk Road, we’re here to make crypto as easy as baking a pie – minus the burnt crust. 🥧

Here’s what’s cooking today:

  • VanEck price predictions 🤯 

  • It’s Funding Friday 🤑

  • Unlocking the Milk Road PRO AMA 🎙️

  • Roaring Kitty memecoins soar yesterday 🍪



VanEck just released updated price targets for Ethereum, and you’re definitely going to want to see what they had to say.

But first, who the heck is VanEck?

They are a big-time investment management firm known for their expertise in ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds).

They’ve been around since 1955. When they speak, the financial world listens. 

Their updated price predictions came in on the heels of the Ethereum ETF approvals and include a bear, base, and bull case for $ETH 

We also grabbed their report on $SOL from earlier this year too because what’s milk without the cookies?

Here’s the bull case TLDR:

  • $ETH price target is $154,000 by 2030 🤯

  • $SOL price target is $3,211 by 2030 😲

Why does this matter? VanEck isn’t some random YouTuber shilling the next meme coin. 

They’re a legit TradFi giant with a cool $101B AUM (Assets Under Management) and a reputation that even your grandma would trust

AND the Milk Man knows their predictions are worth a closer look!

(This is your bump to read the entire report, it's some of the most comprehensive analysis the Milk Man has seen in terms of valuing digital assets.) 

Let’s break down the numbers:

1/ $ETH base case: $22K

  • Current Price: Let’s say around $3,900 (as of this morning)

  • Predicted Bull Price: $154,000

  • Multiplier: That’s a whopping 39.5x!

2/ $SOL base case: $335

  • Current Price: Approximately $175

  • Predicted Bull Price: $3,211

  • Multiplier: A stellar 18.5x!

Vaneck has not yet done a bear, base, and bull report on Bitcoin, however, the Vaneck CEO recently commented on their case for it relative to gold. 

  • Current Price: Roughly $70,000

  • Predicted Price: $400,000

  • Multiplier: A solid 5.6x!

Keep in mind this doesn't account for any growth in the Gold market cap either, meaning these numbers could likely be higher if they provided a detailed report.

So, what do these bull case predictions mean in terms of market caps?

  • $ETH: $18.5T

  • $BTC: $7.7T

  • $SOL: $1.46T

The market cap projections could shake up the crypto hierarchy! 

$ETH at $18.5T would tower over BTC’s $7.7 trillion, making it the new king.

$SOL at $1.46T shows big growth but still has a lot of catching up to do with the big boys.

By the way, the Bear Case from the report? (Brace Yourself)

  • $ETH: $350

  • $SOL: $9.81 

That’s an 90.75% decrease in $ETH and 94.25% decrease in $SOL from today’s levels… ouch! 

We know, it’s a bit of a buzzkill. 😂 But hey Roaders, it's always good to stay grounded.

🥛 Milk Road Take: VanEck’s predictions aren’t just pie-in-the-sky numbers. They reflect serious analysis and the potential impact of the ETH ETF approvals and beyond. 

For the crypto faithful, this is a glimmer of hope in a market that’s often more volatile than a toddler on sugar.

Are these numbers guaranteed? No, of course not. 

But they give us the reasoning behind each case and a glimpse of what might be possible if the stars align.

And if you’re HODLing, it might just be the motivational poster you need.

Which asset will perform the best from now to 2030?




Hit reply and let us know your case on why! 💬


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GM! Welcome back to Funding Friday! This week, $399M total was raised by crypto companies.

1/ Avail Raises $43M

What they do: Avail provides decentralized data availability layers for Ethereum and other blockchains.

Who led the round: Dragonfly Capital

Ever wonder what blockchain and Swiss cheese have in common? They both have lots of holes – but Avail is here to dissolve market fragmentation and smooth things out! 🧀🛠️

2/ MAO Raises $35M

What they do: MAO is building a stablecoin solution within the finance and banking sector.

Who led the round: Bain Capital Crypto

MAO allows multiple institutional actors to issue a fungible cryptodollar, leveraging best-in-class collateral such as short-term US treasuries. Stability, secured. 💵🏦

3/ The Sandbox Raises $20M

What they do: The Sandbox is a metaverse and gaming platform where users can create, buy, sell, and monetize virtual reality NFTs.

Who led the round: Animoca Brands

My head hurts thinking about all the money lost in the Metaverse hype last cycle. 📉💰

Honorable Mentions:

  • XREX Raises $18.75M to provide enterprise-grade banking and financial services, led by Tether.

  • Fhenix Raises $15M to enhance privacy and infrastructure solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem, led by Hack VC.

We’ll keep tabs on these funds like a crypto watchdog. No detail gets past us. 👀

And if your bags are still flat, let's hope this news brought a smile to your face! 😄



Last week, Milk Road PRO members got an exclusive AMA, and guess what? 

We decided it was time for everyone to enjoy it and get an inside scoop on what PRO is all about. 👀

Tune in to hear our heads of research, Kyle and Martin, tackle 30 crucial questions from investors just like you.

From staking to investment strategies, market insights, and more – we've got it all covered. 

Trust us, you don't want to miss this. 👇

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