April 28, 2022

Nike Launches NFT | Optimism Coin | Crypto Payouts with Stripe | NFT Of The Month!

Gm DOers!

We have another week packed full of exciting Web3 news, so lets jump right in.In this week’s Web3 Rollup, we discuss:

  • Stripe reveals new crypto payout feature

  • Optimism announces their coin

  • Nike launches their first NFT collection

  • The NFT of the Month

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Stripe Announces New Crypto Payouts Feature

Earlier this week, Stripe announced that they will be introducing crypto payouts.  Stripe will be testing their new crypto payouts feature with Twitter.  Initially, the payouts will only support the USDC stable coin.  The payouts will take place on the Polygon network due to its fees, speed, and integration with Ethereum.  Right now, Stripe is only able to work with 70 countries.  By incorporating crypto payouts, Stripe can now be used by anyone globally.

Elon Musk Purchased Twitter

It’s official…Elon Musk has purchased 100% of Twitter.  The total price of the sale was approximately $44 billion, which came out to $54.20 per share.  It will be very interesting to see what changes he makes to the platform now that he has taken over the reigns.

Crypto Mortgages

The real estate market and Web3 are beginning to cross paths.  More news this week of people receiving home loans by putting their crypto up as collateral.  This enables the owners to continue holding their crypto and avoid the taxes on capital gains that is triggered by a sale.

Optimism Coin

Layer 2 protocol, Optimism, announced that they will be releasing a token. They will be distributing the tokens via airdrop.  Below is the breakdown of their criteria for receiving the airdrop.  

One benefit of launching a coin is that it also acts as a great marketing growth tactic by incentivizing/rewarding users. There were roughly 350k addresses on Optimism the day before the announcement. The day after the announcement, the number of addresses spiked to over 860k!

Along wiith the announcement came more information on how the governance of the token will be structured."The Optimism Collective will be governed co-equally by two houses: The Citizens’ House and The Token HouseTogether, they will drive rapid, SUSTAINABLE growth in Optimism, Ethereum, and the new internet."

Nike Launches First NFT

Nike launched their fist NFT collections called the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks.  The collection is made up of 20,000 NFT shoes. Holders of the NFT will be able to “perform certain online quests that will evolve the skins.” 

NFT of the Month

You guessed it…Moonbirds is our NFT of the Month!Earlier this week, Moonbirds introduced their take on staking, which they have very creatively called ‘nesting.’  Currently, 9,000 of the 10,000 NFTs have been staked – 90%! This is a great way to reward holders of the project.The project has also become the 11th largest NFT project in just 10 days, with nearly half a billion dollars of secondary sales!

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