July 8, 2023

The Bull Market Has Begun 🐂

GM DOers! 😎

We don't usually invade your weekends, but this is a very special occasion. 👀

At Web3 Academy, we believe we’re in the early stages of the bull market and we couldn't wait to share the why with you.

We didn't want this pivotal insight to get lost in a regular newsletter or a PRO Report, so we've decided to deliver it as an exclusive treat for you. 💜

I assure you, the next 2 minutes of reading will make you bullish like never before. 

Let’s get into the 8 charts that suggest we’re entering a bull market.

The Bull Market Has Begun! 🐂 Here’s Why:

Fortune 500 executives suggest that they're highly interested in exploring blockchain tech. 

The biggest corporations will integrate blockchain into their business, which will drive insane adoption for web3 & crypto.

Some of the biggest brands have already entered web3 and are using blockchain to foster fan engagement and generate revenues. 

When smaller companies see the big dogs (Nike, Adidas, Gucci & Lacoste) adopting web3, they’ll quickly FOMO in.

Remember: slowly, then all at once 🌊 that’s how adoption works and it will accelerate as we enter deeper into the bull market.

People are starting to buy crypto heavily, as we see crypto investments experiencing the largest weekly inflows in a year, amounting to $199 million.

Bitcoin accounted for the majority of the inflows.

Now, for context, remember how the money flows in crypto. First, it’s FIAT currency that gets converted into Bitcoin, which then goes into Ethereum and later into application tokens (riskier, lower cap, tokens). 

We’re seeing that we’re at the beginning of that phase, as more and more people are converting FIAT into Bitcoin. Here are some charts that STRONGLY approve this:

1,000,000 wallets hold at least 1 Bitcoin. This is the first time this has ever happened. 🚀

In fact, Shrimps (those who hold under 1 BTC) are buying more Bitcoin than is mined each day!

For every 1 new Bitcoin, Shrimps are taking 1.25 off the market.

And it’s not only small, retail investors either. We’re seeing institutions buying heavily.

By monitoring fund holdings, we can observe a notable trend of institutional investors accumulating Bitcoin:

If we shift from investing towards building, we notice that infrastructure projects have surpassed the popularity of NFT/Gaming projects.

Investors & builders are focusing on foundational companies and projects instead of speculative NFTs.

This is what happens before we enter another hype phase.

Similarly, applications are seeing tremendous growth, indicating that the first batch of users are already active in this space.

Then, we’re seeing the most influential tradfi investors (Larry Fink & BlackRock) talking nicely about Bitcoin. This is exactly what happened in 2020, when legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones praised Bitcoin as an investment vehicle, just before the bull market began.

Lastly, we also have an ETF coming up in a matter of months. We wrote about that yesterday here.

Now, all of the above are charts that are only scratching the surface of what’s going on in crypto & web3 right now! 

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With that said, as we prepare to navigate the upcoming bull market, we want YOU to join us on this journey. 

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Why Being a PRO Matters

Here’s a personal story from our very own, Raul.

At the start of 2021, Raul allocated $300 into MATIC at $0.02. That investment was turned into $30,000 in just 5 months, when MATIC peaked at ~$2.

While that 100x return sounds fantastic for Raul, the story doesn’t end there.

After cashing out on his MATIC investment in May of 2021, Raul decided to allocate 20% into ETH and the remaining 80% into NFTs and newly launched tokens on Uniswap.

In just 3 months, Raul lost everything, as his NFTs & shitty tokens went to 0. To make it all back, Raul converted the rest of his MATIC gains into $SOL, and decided to trade NFTs on Solana. By November 2021, he lost all of his $SOL too. 

Raul made life changing money in just 5 months, and then lost it all in 3 months. Why? How?

He got swept away in the hype cycle, investing in unstable tokens and NFTs, and ended up losing it all quicker than he made it.

Raul's story is not unique. Many investors, particularly newcomers, make the same mistakes. 

And that’s why we started Web3 Academy! To keep DOers away from hype cycles and help them invest and build successfully long-term.

Because what are the main takeaways from Raul’s story?

  1. He was super early and made a smart investment

  2. He then got caught up in the hype and lost it all

Now, because you’re reading this, you are already EARLY! All you need to do is capitalize on it and start making some smart investments for the bull market. We’re here to help you with that.

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