MetaClan - The First eSports DAO

  • February 10, 2020
  • 1 Min Read

When it comes to the intersection of DeFi and gaming, look no further than a new project called MetaClan.

As the first crypto-native eSports DAO, MetaClan seeks to aggregate top-tier talent from gamers and developer alike - ultimately sharing a common goal of advancing the web3 gaming sector at large.

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MetaClan was spawned out of MetaCartel - a DAO focused on funding the Ethereum application layer. The project aims to work with top web3 gaming studios to create tailored bounty programs geared at providing detailed insights as to where games can be improved.

With MetaClan, members vote on how funds should be allocated, namely through player staking - or providing players with the gear, guides and insights necessary to place at the top of competitive web3 tournaments.

How is this DeFi?

MetaClan aggregates capital and rare-NFT loot via an onchain contract entitled the War Chest. No one individual has access to the War Chest's spoils, meaning that shareholders must collectively agree to withdraw any funds at any time.

Through the use of smart contracts, MetaClan aims to create divisible NFT ownership - effectively allowing members to have pro-rata shares over the valuable items stored in the War Chest.

Best of all, capital aggregated to the DAO will likely leverage DeFi products like the Dai Savings Rate or Rocket for an opportunity to earn passive income on escrowed assets.

Combined with the potential for loot to be traded on DEXs like Uniswap and OpenSea, it's safe to assume that MetaClan's success is largely reliant on DeFi products to create efficient value transfer opportunities.

Why Should I Care?

In the coming weeks, MetaClan will be fleshing out their official whitepaper, filled with more technical details surrounding DAO structuring (voting periods, grace periods, tribute sizes etc.) along with the mapping out of specific roles within the DAO.

If you're passionate about the potential for web3 gaming to reach a mainstream audience - MetaClan is for you.

Even if you're not passionate about gaming, joining MetaClan can offer a variety of insights on popular projects, loots and gameplay initiatives that are likely to shape the future of non-technical Ethereum-based products.

Get Involved

If you're eager to learn more about MetaClan and their future initiatives, they invite you to join the official Telegram.

With a slew of blockchain gaming studios already keen on the project, it's likely that MetaClan will serve as a breeding ground for web3 gaming innovation at large.

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For more passive updates, be sure to follow the official MetaClan Twitter.

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