About Us

Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Milk Road is best known as a daily newsletter, website, and social media presence that provides tools, information, and news to help people understand what actually matters in crypto.

Our Mission

Milk Road is committed to helping people get smarter about crypto. We accomplish this by communicating with our readers like IRL friends. We’re fun, we’re chatty, we’re candid. We keep it brief, we keep it humorous, and we never waste your time.


Crypto moves fast; we do our best to cut through the noise and let you know what matters.


We live and breathe crypto and do our best to break down complicated topics.


We want to be your helpful crypto friend, making it more approachable and relatable.

Our Team

Meet the Milk Road crew:

Michael Wittmeyer

Loves building digital businesses. Did his friends’ homework in grade school to get extra chocolate milk at lunch.

Kendall Saville

Bought his first bitcoin in 2013 and has never looked back. He has built and sold two media companies and is ready to take Milk Road to the moon.

Carter Brutschy

Carter manages finance and ops, navigating towards a future where the milk is as plentiful as the profits. #HODL 💰

Diego Salinas

Diego is a writer by day, meme-gician by night. He tried standup comedy once but realized he likes sitting down more. Now he writes a daily newsletter that’ll make you laugh and make you smart – all in under 5 minutes.

Jonny Taneski

Head of Sales
Jonny is a sales maestro with a crypto twist. He loves making connections between great brands and Milk Road’s readers, and keeps fit by diving for outlets before his fork-wielding toddler can get to them.

Tess Saville

HR & Operations
People person who made a career out of it and now oversees all things human at Milk Road, including people ops, recruiting, and culture.

Amber Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer
Amber manages all things operations for Milk Road, having spent a decade in content creation and SEO.

Matt Pearlstein

Research Analyst / Writer
Matt found crypto in 2016 and left TradFi to go full time in the industry a few years back. He is deep in the weeds of DeFi and also likes to go to the beach and play basketball.