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Published: June 11, 2023   |   Last Updated: June 19, 2023
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January 31, 2024

🥛The biggest airdrop in history? 🪂

Today’s edition is brought to you by UpMarket – an alternative investment platform that enables individual accredited investors to access private market investment opportunities in pre-IPO companies, hedge funds, private equity, and other alternatives. Join for free to review UpMarket’s current offerings. GM. This is Milk Road, your daily crypto relay – we pass you …...

January 2, 2024

Crypto Wallet Founder Loses $125,000 stETH in Fake Airdrop Scam

Bill Lou, the co-founder of the crypto wallet startup called Nest, revealed in an emotional tweet that he fell victim to an airdrop impersonation scam. The phishing scam resulted in the loss of $125,000 worth of stETH. The fraud raises renewed questions about crypto’s persistent scams and security gaps, even for industry insiders. Key details: …...

December 5, 2023

Binance Announces Mystery Airdrop With Exciting Rewards

Binance has launched a surprise crypto airdrop tied to its Web3 wallet usage before the new year. Traders completing a single wallet swap enter drawings for prizes ranging from 1 Shiba Inu to 1 BTC. The largest cryptocurrency exchange announced the airdrop campaign via X on Tuesday. Binance will airdrop $500,000 in Bitcoin and altcoins to …...

November 24, 2023

Justin Sun Announces Airdrop For HTX and Poloniex Users Following Exploit

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex and its native token HTX were the targets of hacker attacks earlier this month, prompting the platform to temporarily suspend deposits and withdrawals. Now, Poloniex’s owner, Justin Sun, has announced plans to compensate affected users as services resume. In a recent tweet, Justin Sun said Poloniex and HTX “approach opening deposit and …...

July 19, 2023

Airdrop Aspirations: zkSync

Why We’re Watching zkSync: Top L2s have had some of the biggest airdrops seen to date.  In May 2022, Optimism, the second largest L2 by TVL, conducted an airdrop of ~160M OP tokens to early users.  A total of ~160,000 addresses claimed the first airdrop resulting in an average reward of ~1,000 OP tokens per …...

March 23, 2023

🥛 Introducing the Airdrop Playbook 📓

GM, partners! This is Milk Road – when it comes to crypto, we give you the rundown like a bartender with a drink in hand. And we’ll give you a few shots of Memes on the house. Here’s what we’re serving up today: Fed decision + Powell speech It’s Arbitrum Airdrop Day: Here’s how to …...

March 17, 2023

🥛 Your guide to future airdrops 💸

GM. This is Milk Road. It may be St. Paddy’s, but luck’s got nothin’ to do with us. We’re just that good, smart, and quick. 🍀 Here’s what we’ve got for you today: Arbitrum airdrop is a go 👀 Milkbusters: Why was Signature shut down? Funding Friday! Tether’s market cap is double USDC P.S.A – …...

March 16, 2022

🪂 Two upcoming airdrops + the Bored Ape metaverse is leaked

GM, this is the Milk Road.  The place you go to read about what’s going down in cryptoland. We saw some strong price movement last night with BTC and ETH up ~5% each. Alright, let’s get into it! In Today’s edition: 🦊 Metamask is doing an airdrop 🚜 The Bored Ape Metaverse is leaked 🖼️ …...