March 31, 2024

🥛 500 PRO Spots Sold Out in 3 Days 🤯

GM. This weekend was crazy. Mind blowing even. It nearly turned the Milk Man’s brain into cheese.

First up, we successfully released the very first Milk Road PRO report. Yeeewww. 🥳 

And we’re grateful for all the positive feedback—this truly made all of Milk Man’s sleepless nights worth it. 💪

Read the report here to learn whether or not Bitcoin can outperform Altcoins this cycle.

Secondly, we had unexpected demand—all 500 Milk Road PRO spots (discounted at 33%) sold out in three days! THREE DAYS!

One of our colleagues was so shocked he did a spit take, drenching his MacBook in milk (it works better now).

Another attempted a victory lap around his tiny office on a unicycle, juggling Milk Road branded stress balls.

It was insane. Way beyond any of our expectations.

Given it's Easter Sunday, we thought it wouldn't be right to end our 33% discount on Milk Road PRO just yet. To ensure everyone gets a shot at our lowest prices, we're extending the offer until Wednesday!

We’ve set out to deliver the absolute best research and analysis, to help you invest successfully in crypto. 💰

We're not your crypto degens that'll help you spot the next low cap gem, we don't gamble. We're your research crew that will help you invest your capital confidently, without the fear of getting rekt or rugged.

Each Saturday, we’ll send you reports that cover:

  • Token Analysis: Understanding tokenomics and business models of crypto projects to separate signal from the noise, at a fundamental level.

  • Sector Analysis: Identify and leverage emerging crypto trends early.

  • Market Analysis: Navigate the markets with data-driven insights across macro, onchain and technical analysis.

  • Investment Strategy: Learn how to invest and build a portfolio like a PRO. Ongoing strategies to limit your risk and make the most of crypto cycles.

PLUS: Additional “Where Are We In The Cycle?” indicators placed inside the free newsletters (for PRO eyes only) that’ll help you figure out where we’re at in the bull market in order to spot the top. 👀

Here’s the deal: We know you’ll love PRO. We know it’ll hit your taste buds like that first sip of coffee in the morning–energizing, clarifying, and just what you need to milk the most out of this bull market. 🐂

Why are we so sure? Because this product was built in the trenches (aka the bear market) by Web3 Academy. Over the past 1.5 years, 60+ PRO reports have been battle-tested and continuously improved to serve thousands of crypto investors successfully. 

Don’t believe the Milk Man? Shame on you, but ok… Check out these 4 gems from our archive to see for yourself.

Firstly, you know how many people think that the Bitcoin halving is the catalyst that sparks bull markets?

Yeah, that’s a myth. It’s actually global liquidity that impacts the crypto market the most. 

Most people don’t know this, so there’s an opportunity for you to front-run the majority by understanding how crypto cycles actually work.

Secondly, is Solana a good investment? 

If you’re taking your advice from ETH maxis, they’ll say no! If you go on Crypto Twitter, you’ll feel the Solana FOMO. 

We’re here to break through that noise and give you the objective take on Solana by analyzing its tokenomics properly. 

Note: This report was written in July 2023, when $SOL was ~$25—the same opportunity is no longer there, but the fundamental analysis is still relevant.

Thirdly, a fundamental analysis into MakerDAO – the first onchain app to explode?

Maker is already generating over $30 million per month in revenue, holds more than $5 billion in its treasury, and has over $8 billion of TVL on its platform.

With Maker’s Endgame upgrade coming up later this year, this report will ensure you’re early to the party!

Fourthly, price predictions for $BTC, $ETH & $SOL. 

No, we’re not just playing darts. 🎯

We’re using charts, historical data as well as asset comparisons to build a case for the potential peak price for the 3 most important crypto assets in this bull market. 

EXTRA: If you’re looking for the absolute best PRO reports, then explore the Ultimate Bull Market Guide. 

This is a series of past reports highlighting portfolio fundamentals, crypto business models, macro economic overviews, tokenomic deep dives and much more…

Ready to upgrade to PRO? You’re in luck! We decided to extend the 33% discount until Wednesday—grab your spot. 👇️ 

P.S. – As a PRO member, you gain 24/7 access to the Milk Road PRO Communityyour all-access pass to continuous crypto conversations, direct insights from the Milk Road crew, and our exclusive monthly AMA sessions.

P.P.S – As of Tuesday, PRO members will also receive exclusive content in the free newsletters.

You’ll get to know more next week, but here’s a teaser: We’ll share charts that’ll help you spot the top of the crypto bull market. These charts usually cost $1,000+/month.

With that in mind, the current $14.74/month and $147.4/year fee to Milk Road PRO is a no-brainer.

Note: This 33% discount is a lifetime deal—get it now and you won’t be charged extra, ever.

See you on the other side. ✌️