February 21, 2024

🥛 AI tokens are up BIG. Here’s why… 👀

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Here’s what we got for you today:

  • Crypto 🤝 AI

  • 1 new hack to look out for 👀

  • How to find the best yield strategies 🧐

  • Michael Saylor: I’ll never stop buying BTC 🍪


AI is taking over the world. It’s everywhere – music, movies, you name it. 

There are more AI crossovers than when Allen Iverson was tearing up the NBA. 

Now, it’s taking over crypto. 

  • Many AI tokens have posted double-digit gains over the last week. On average, they’re up 8%. 

  • The market cap for AI tokens has jumped from $7B → $15B since the beginning of the month. 

  • AI tokens just hit their highest weekly trading volume in a year. (graph below)

So, why are AI tokens pumping so much recently? 

  • OpenAI unveiled its new text-to-video generator, Sora. As you can see in the graph above, there’s always a big pump whenever OpenAI releases a new product.

  • The new Apple Vision Pro was released earlier this month. Some projects (like Victoria VR) are already building metaverse apps, with tokens, that are compatible with the headset.

  • Smart people (like Vitalik) are talking about how AI can help tackle some of crypto’s biggest problems. This brings more attention to the sector, which trickles down to AI tokens. 

And it doesn’t look like the AI token hype train is stopping anytime soon. 

Why? Two words… NVIDIA earnings.

You see, the top AI tokens' performances have been correlated to NVIDIA’s performance since January 2023. Both are up about 400% since then. 

And today, the GPU manufacturer has its earnings call. Fun fact: NVIDIA has crushed its last 4 earnings reports, beating all expectations. 

If NVIDIA can do it again, AI tokens could see another big pump.


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Navigating through crypto feels a lot like walking through a middle school hallway…

You always have to be ready for the next trick. 

One second, someone will offer you a piece of gum. All innocence and smiles. 

The next second… 

ZAP! You feel like you’ve been struck by lightning.

You’re stunned. Frozen. 

Suddenly, another friend approaches you with a “gift”. They reach into their pocket to pull something out and…

BAM! You’ve been tricked (again). 

Crypto is the same way. There are TONS of hacks, scams, and attacks you need to look out for

Well, check it out. There’s a new hack going around called a “brick attack.” 

  • It looks like a normal phishing attack (i.e. you click on a malicious link or connect your wallet to a fake site).

  • But instead of just stealing your assets, the phishing program reassigns ownership of your wallet.

  • This locks you out of your wallet and prevents you from accessing/transferring out future assets, like airdrops. 

Basically, the brick attack can affect your current assets AND future ones too. 

Watch out! 

P.S. – Hopefully you never fall victim to this hack. But if you do…

Here’s a tool that was recently built to help you recover your tokens, even if your wallet is “bricked.”


“What are you doing with your crypto?”

I’ll never forget the first time my friend asked me this.

I was so confused…

Me: “Uh, nothing? I’m just HODLing…”

Friend: *looks at me like I just told him I committed a murder*

That’s when he introduced me to DeFi (aka crypto’s version of borrowing and lending). It’s a way to earn interest on your crypto. 

Well, we recently came across a cool tool that automatically scans different protocols to find the best yield opportunities. 

Warning: Like all things with rewards, there are risks…

  • The protocols could get hacked. *gulp*

  • Rates could decrease. Most of these rates are unsustainable (a few months? a year? a few years?). The protocols offer high interest to incentivize people to start using them, but it goes down over time. 

Remember, always DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!


What is the current gas fee for ETH? Bookmark our estimated Ethereum transaction prices and ETH gas heat map here!

Michael Saylor says he’ll never stop buying BTC. “There’s no reason to sell the winner to buy the losers.” (respect)

Mastercard is working with Swoo Pay to offer loyalty rewards in cryptocurrency. Mastercard will be the ultimate backer of the Swoo tokens and can be immediately converted to other cryptos like BTC or USDC.

MetaMask now has 30M monthly active users. The crypto wallet’s MAU has jumped 55% in 4 months. 

Hack VC has closed a $150M fund for early-stage crypto startups. The firm has previously invested in Sui and Eigenlayer. 

VanEck’s spot Bitcoin ETF ($HODL) saw a 1,000% jump in volume yesterday. Its previous daily high in volume was $25.5M. Yesterday, it had over ~$400M.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) plans to launch euro-denominated micro BTC and ETH futures next month. The micro bitcoin euro and micro ether euro futures contracts will be one-tenth the size of the respective underlying assets. The goal? Provide a cost-effective way to gain BTC and ETH exposure.





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