July 20, 2022

🥛 Is the bottom in? Vote now!

GM. This is the Milk Road, the crypto newsletter Dr. Phil calls “the secret to keeping the flame burning in his marriage.”

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Here's the good stuff for today:

  • Is the bottom in? Vote now!

  • BTC Whale #3 selling?

  • Weekly crypto funds report

  • Meme of the day


Do you smell that? It’s the sweet, sweet smell of pumped-up crypto prices.

Over the last week:

  • BTC is up 25%

  • ETH is up 57%

  • And after 73 long days, we’re officially out of the Extreme Fear zone

Can I get a “hell yeah?!”

Many are hoping the worst is over with and the bottom is in. Of course this caused a little Milk Road debate…

And it got us thinking about you. Yes, you with too little sleep last night.

We wanna know – Do you think crypto prices are really bouncing back?

Reply to this email with your gut guess:

A/ Going Up

B/ Going Down

C/ No Effin Clue

Do it! Hit reply right now and tell us! We have over 150k+ daily readers. I wanna hear what you think.

I might even get Billy The Kid to go to Kinkos and print out a chart with the poll results (like in golf when they present the winner with a GIANT CHECK. I always wanted one of those)


Whale #3 is well-known in the bitcoin community – a celebrity at this point.

  • 3rd largest holder with over $2.5b in BTC

  • 100% anonymous (no one knows whether its a person or a company)

  • Pretty accurate in timing the local tops and bottoms

And over the last 2 days, Whale #3 has moved 61k Bitcoin ($1.4b) out of the wallet.

It could be a transfer to another wallet, but the most likely outcome is a massive sell-off.

We don’t predict price movement here at the Milk Road, but this is a big move & one to keep an eye on!


Random NFT Or Real Army Of Pizza-Making Robots?

A portfolio of digital art is cool, but it’s not robotic-pizzeria cool.

And this is your final week to invest in Piestro’s fleet of artisan-quality pizza robots. 

So, before you throw money at another cat GIF…

These fully-automated kiosks can dish a fresh artisanal pie 24/7 in just about any high-traffic space. Food vendors can use it to sell more pizza faster, cheaper, and without losing a smidge of that smokey Sicilian savor.

The Piestro difference:

  • Less labor + real estate spend = more profit

  • Tasty restaurant-level pizza in 3 min

  • Fits in high-traffic areas like malls and airports (essentially anywhere)

With $580 million in preorders from fast-growing brands like 800 Degrees, Piestro could be the next best thing.

Get your Piestro shares before their raise closes on July 28th.


Check it out. ConsenSys is launching a new NFT.

It’s called TURN. And before you TURN to look the other way & say “Here we go, another NFT”…

This one is different. It has a special utility: holders can redeem their NFTs for a full week (40 hours) of security audits.

This is cool for 2 reasons:

1/ It creates an open marketplace for time-bound services. Right now, it’s security audits. But in the future, it could be any time-bound service like consulting, marketing, designing, etc.

2/ Buy the NFT and skip the line. Companies usually have to wait 6+ months to get an audit. Now they can buy the NFT and skip the line when needed.


The results for the latest Weekly Crypto Funds Report are in… there was a total inflow of $12m last week.

The third straight week of inflows!

Some of the highlights:

  • ETH breaks its streak. After 3 straight weeks of inflows, ETH sees minor outflows of $2.5m

  • Bitcoin shorting continues. A net total of $15m was invested into short-investment products. (Aka people betting prices will go lower)

  • Altcoins staying quiet. Most altcoins haven’t seen much action other than Solana with an inflow of $0.5m

  • Volume remains low. Only ~$1b in volume last week. Down big time from the average of $2.4b per week


It’s a video, but worth clicking and getting that full 20 seconds in!😂😂

That's all for today folks. See ya tomorrow!

Shaan "Chocolate Milk" Puri, Ben "2% Milk" Levy & Diego "El Lechero" Salinas

DISCLAIMER: None of this is financial advice. This newsletter is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. Please be careful and do your own research.

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