March 26, 2024

MR PRO | How We Know the Next Bull Cycle Will Come

GM PRO DOers! 😎

It’s been a rough month for our beloved crypto assets, hasn’t it? 😓

As you can see below, after a good start to 2023, August was the worst month of the year and September doesn’t appear to be starting out much better. 😬

In fact, September appears to never perform well in crypto (see the September column above 📉).

As bad as it seems at the moment, if you were buying in late 2022 and early 2023, then you’re actually sitting pretty on the year. 👏

$ETH is currently up 36% year to date (YTD)…

And $BTC is up 55% YTD…

Not so bad after all. 👍

But what about the rest of the year and beyond? 🤔

Will we ever get out of this bear market? 🤷

Will the good ol’ days of “up only” from 2020-21 when crypto assets soared by 50-100% within weeks and kept on climbing for months, ever return? 😅

The answer is yes. 100% we will.

In this PRO report I’m going to show you how I know that and what you can do to capitalize on that upcoming opportunity. 💰

We’re looking at market cycles and onchain data to understand if the next bull market will return.

Let’s go. ⏬

History Doesn’t Repeat But It Often Rhymes 🎶

Let’s start by zooming out on the performance of Bitcoin since 2011.

Here’s a picture charting the past 4 cycles of Bitcoin, including the current cycle which sits in the pre-bull phase.

2024-25 looks like it may just bring us a lot of opportunities. But let’s look at this chart a different way.

Here is the same price chart but rather than split up by cycles in a linear fashion, we instead look at price on a logarithmic scale ($1, $10, $100, $1000, etc.).

Bitcoin is in a lower range than it has been in the last years, but still within its logarithmic scale (a scale that maps the valuation growth of network based technologies).

And here is $ETH, at the same point on the scale that it was last cycle, just before we went on a 2 year bull run. 🚀

In every past market cycle, Bitcoin and Ethereum have always returned to their average trend lines, which you could think of as their "fair value prices," and often even soared much higher. 📈

Interestingly, if you zoom into the 2 charts above, you'll see my cursor at the intersection of the trend line and the date September 2025. 

According to these projections, the 'fair value' for Bitcoin could be around $500,000 USD, and for Ethereum, it could be about $25,000 USD 2 years from now. 🚀

To be clear, I’m not saying that we will reach these numbers in this timeframe. In fact, I have no idea. 

I’m just saying that this scale has accurately shown the growth range over time for many network-based technologies before Bitcoin and Etherum (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc…).

These projections seem outrageous, right? But if you consider that this has already happened 3 times in the past, it doesn't seem all that far-fetched. 🤔

So how do I know we will get another cycle?

How do I know history will repeat one more time?

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