March 27, 2024

MR PRO | Is the Moon Mission Still Intact? 🚀

GM PRO DOers! 😎

A lot is happening across global markets on and off chain.

Today we’re helping you make sense of it.

Below we’re sharing the top 5 charts (and themes) we’re watching to help you capitalize on the opportunity that is the migration of just about everything to the onchain world. ⛓️

Here’s what we’re covering:

  1. Inflation: Dead or Alive? 💀

  2. Crypto ETFs: Boom or Bust?

  3. Pudgy Penguins: Are NFTs SO Back? 🐧

  4. Ecosystem: Composability at its Finest 🫂

  5. DraftKings Reignmakers: The Next Big Onchain Consumer App? 🏈

At the end of this report, you’ll have a good understanding of where we’re at in the markets, what the latest trends are, and how you can capitalize on the opportunity. 

Let’s get into it, frens. ⏬

1. Inflation: Dead or Alive? 💀

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