April 15, 2022

🥛 New Milk Road Experiment: Details Inside

GM. This is the Milk Road. Crypto can be a hard nut to crack – let us crack it for you.

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Now, let's get into the good stuff for today:

  • 💰 Elon's offer to buy Twitter

  • 👀 A new open metaverse

  • 🤑 Robinhood CEO explains why Doge could be the internet's money

  • 📈 Funding Friday


Elon made a $43B offer to buy Twitter.

OK, interesting. 

But here’s the best part…check out his offer letter:

Dear god, that second line is so good.

“I have moved straight to the end.”

Thats my new line!!

Negotiating? I have moved straight to the end.

Watching a TV show? I have moved straight to the end.

Wife wants a cuddle? I have moved straight to the end.

So what happens now? Will he really buy Twitter?

Mark Cuban thinks Elon is just f*cking with the SEC. Prices go up and he makes big money of selling his shares.

Punk6529 says that “If you are excited about Elon taking over Twitter or upset about Elon taking over Twitter, well both of these are the exact same problem. 

Our global short messaging internet protocol should be completely unaffected by who is CEO of some random company in California.”

Others believe Twitter's board will execute a “Poison Pill” – meaning they will issue extra shares at a discount to dilute his stake. Hurting him and themselves at the same time.

The Milk Road's Take:

1/ Great publicity stunt. Got tons of attention

2/ Great for his brand. He comes off as rich, bold, and fighting for free speech

3/ I hope he ends up buying it, because it is the most entertaining outcome and Twitter stock is virtually the same today as it was 8 years ago when it IPO’d

Most people say Elon can’t make Twitter better.

But I say, the dude can land a rocket in the middle of the ocean and build electric cars.

Are you really gonna bet against him?


Today, Punk6529 (a famous personality and NFT collector on Twitter) announced that he’s building a new project, an Open Metaverse.

It’s a big idea – a completely open metaverse that anyone can build inside.

A few of the things about the announcement that caught our eye:

1/ There’s no land plot sale – in every other metaverse, they sell land…in this, he’s not charging for land or asking for any ETH

2/ He believes in memes > land – the idea that where a plot of land is located in the metaverse doesn’t mean anything…but what the person/community does to make the land valuable matters way way more

3/ The metaverse looks and feels like it’s right out of HBO’s Westworld…

4/ They’re looking for big communities to start new cities…Milk York City… Who’s coming with me?


I own dogecoin, but I always considered it a joke.

So I was surprised to hear the CEO or Robinhood break down what it would take for Doge to eventually become the internet’s currency:

1/ Low transaction costs: typical transaction fees with Doge are ~$0.003 vs 1.3% for normal network fees from major cards.

✅ Doge today

2/ Making it fast to verify a transaction is real: today, Dogecoin can put through 40 transactions per second…which isn’t enough at serious scale

❌ Doge today

3/ Inflation: 5B new Doge are created every year, a ~5% inflation rate…lower than the US dollar today. And it goes down over time on a fixed schedule. 

✅ Doge today

The Milk Road’s take:  Money is valued based on belief. Doge is well known, but not well “believed in” so its not really about the technical specs. People need to believe it’s valuable to be willing to use it as money. I am betting on BTC, ETH, and stable coins like UST to become global digital money way before Doge.


I woke up this morning and drank FITAID

I don't drink coffee…but I still get energy in the morning, because I've been drinking FITAID's new product, FITAID Energy.

FITAID Energy now blends the benefits of BCAAs, turmeric, electrolytes, vitamins, and more with the added benefit of natural caffeine from green tea to help you fight your fitness fatigue.

The way they describe the flavors is like a masterclass in copywriting and already has me thirsty:

  • Mango Sorbet tastes like you’re ziplining through the tropics.

  • Peach Mandarin is a Sunday morning walk through the Spanish moss-draped oaks of Savannah.

  • Blackberry Pineapple will remind you of a collision of clear water waves on the sand as you’re windsurfing through the heavy breeze.

  • Raspberry Hibiscus means relaxing in the South Pacific with a flower in your hair.

Shop now for 30% off plus free shipping.


There was over $1B invested in companies and funds this week. Who got the money this week??

Taki got $3.5M to build a token-powered social network where content creators and users can earn a daily income by participating in community conversations.

Swoops got $3.5M to build an NFT fantasy-basketball game. Build a team and play for prizes in upcoming tournaments.

Coinpanion got $6M to help people invest like a pro. Pick your portfolio type (from safe bets to degen mode), and Coinpanion will invest for you based on that.

BikeRush got $1.5M to pay bikers in tokens as they ride. The StepN of biking. 

Context got $19.5 to build an app that lets you "follow" wallets to see what people are buying and minting.

Wanna see the full database of companies that have raised money in 2022? Check it out here.


Michael Saylor has more security guards than a basketball team

Speaking of our lanky legend. How does Vitalik travel around the world with just a backpack?

Uniqlo maximalist 😂

If you missed anything this week, we talked about:

If you only have 3 minutes to catch up, make it the look inside a 9-figure portfolio.

See ya next week!

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